Episode 11- The President's Daughter And I(Season 2)

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If not for fact that i’m practically involved in this matter, i wouldn’t even try to meddle in the situation. If not for her stupidity, why’d she be using the new phone during dinning and in the presence of Dad. Her stupidity is becoming too much.
Nancy: Sir…?
Boss: Who….
Me: I gave it to her Daddy, it was given to me by my friends who contributed money to purchase it for me as my birthday present
Boss: Okay…
Mummy, Nancy and I looked ourselves in a suspicious manner.
After dinner, we all assembled in the living room pending 9:00pm where everyone can be eligible to go inside. Nancy was also there with us and not hiding at the dinning table this time because of Dad, he had seized her phone many times because of excess usage. So, she won’t be able to chat until past 9:00 when she’d escape to her room.
Boss: Lemme see the phone Nancy
She went to unplug it from where she’s been charging it and gave it to Dad
Boss: Which one is this one?
Nancy: It’s iPhone
Boss : It looks nice, so what will u do to the blackberry?
Nancy: I will still be using it Dad, i have another sim card that i need to be using
Dad: This one looks expensive, how much is it sold?
Nancy: Me i dunno oh…
Dad: Is there no receipt? or is it not a new phone?
Me: It was only the phone and it’s charger that was given to me
Boss: They should’ve given u receipt when they gave u the phone
He gave the phone back to her and faced the T.V
I already told mum to hid the iPad for the main time till Dad isn’t around of which she already did. For me, this is a disadvantage of having a learned mother, she will surely use the iPad instead of giving it to me. She’s on bbm, facebook and on whatsapp. My momma no dey gree oh…
I got a call from a friend, i went inside to get it. After the call, I dialled Mirabel’s.
Mirabel: Hello
Me: Hey babe, how u doing tonite?
Mirabel: Am fine,,, wah bout u?
Me: Good… I forgot to thank u earlier for the things u got for my Mum and my Sis, I really appreciate it dear, thank u very much.
Mirabel: And you’re so welcome
Me: So how is it going?
Mirabel: I’m still adjusting,,,, wait, it seems u haven’t seen what i got u or the small piece of note i left u
Me: No i haven’t, u got me something?  (heart beating) where did u hide it?
Mirabel: Well, U will have to discover it yourself,,,, it’s there in your house (Smiling)
Me: So you’re not going to tell me?
Mirabel: Nah…..
Me: This is work na, it’s not fair oh
Mirabel: (Laughs) You’re on boo, do some house research
Me: No problem, I won’t kiss u when we meet
Mirabel: Stamped!
Me: What do u mean by that?
Mirabel: I approve of it
Me: What? it’s a lie, things aren’t approved that way, U will need to ask if i am sure but u didn’t asked,,, U just approved.
Mirabel: (Laughing) Okay, are u sure?
Me: Hell no!
We both burst into laughter
Me: Please babe, tell me what u did to our videotape that was uploaded on YouTube
Mirabel: Alright ermmnm, its like this… are u listening?
Me: Yea, loud and clear and even on record
Mirabel: Okay, it was my cousin living in the U.S that informed me about the video asking me if i knew anything about the upload. He owned an ICT Company there and he also do some special job for YouTube and other big companies. After he told me, i checked it out to confirm if it was really me which was actually us, I freaked out and immediately told him to do something about it as the number of views kept increasing. He said some people had downloaded the videotape and others even uploaded it to their website. He said he could do something about it though. I gave him the go ahead to rid of it. Then he hacked into the into the server of every site the videotape was uploaded to and got every copy of the video down. He also used the IP address of those that downloaded the video to hack their system and deleted the videotape.
Me: Woah,,, he must be a genius
Mirabel: Yea,,, that’s why he doesn’t come home much because the white men wouldn’t let him. He is well valued, he even married a white girl there, we had to attend the wedding from here.
Me: I will like to meet him one day
Mirabel: Sure,,, I told him about u already. We understood each other a lot.  He also brought down everything that was tweeted about the videotape on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with his connections. Although, he spent lots of dollars to get it all done.
Me: U guys must be close
Mirabel: Very close,,,, we were almost inseparable when we were kids. Although he is almost 5 years older than me. He started in forth grade in the U.S and was stuck up at the top throughout his school. Always the best in the class, science fairs, he was even the prom king while the prom queen was his girlfriend who is now his wife.
Me: Woah,,, like a fairy-tale
Mirabel: Exactly what i told him about his life. He is currently working on his autobiography, to be launched probably in two years time.
Me: It’s really going to sell a lot
Mirabel: Yea, but he said the proceeds will be given to charity, both in Nigeria and in the U.S and i think it’s a great idea.
Me: Yea yea, sure its a wonderful idea,,, how old was he when he got married?
Mirabel: He was 23, he got married two years ago on the 4th of July,,, I can still remember that day vividly
Me: Sweetheart I’ve been waiting for u to tell me his name
Mirabel: Sorry my love, his name is Ikechukwu but he shortened it to Ike. Only close family members knows him as Ikechukwu
Me: He is igbo?
Mirabel: Yea, he’s Father is igbo,,, he married my Aunt, my Dad’s younger sister
Me: Okay,,, i see
Mirabel: Yea, enough talking about my cousin and let’s talk about us
Me: I like him
Mirabel: I can see that, but u don’t know him
Me: I’ve heard a lot about him already, i love his story which is like a fairy-tale and he saved my a$$ from that videotape that could be scandalous,,,, i really do like him a lot already
Mirabel: Okay then, I shall let u have a video chat with him on Skype when we get to school
Me: That would be great dear
Mirabel: Yea, and could be annoying too
Me: How do u mean?
Mirabel: U are dating his favourite sister Victor,,, be good is all i will tell u
Me: Now you’re scaring me
Mirabel: (Laughs) Don’t be scared, just don’t break his sister’s heart,,,, he has been very stubborn right from time. He promised me that he will deal with any guy so severely that will break my heart and make me cry. I just hope it doesn’t come to that ‘coz i know what he can do.
Me: I understand, i will the same for my sister. Excuse me love lemme bade my Parents good night
Mirabel: Ok your Dad is back?
Me: Yea
Mirabel: Good for u unlike mine
Me: Well that’s for now, he might travel again anytime soon
Mirabel: U have no idea
Me: What do mean?
Mirabel: U don’t worry, I’m working on something and it’s pending as it is
Me: Hhmmmm… U and this your surprises u don’t share with me
Mirabel: Relax dear, its for good or don’t u trust me anymore?
Me: It’s really not about trust sweetheart, it’s about sharing. U know, sharing of ideas, problems, feelings and all that
Mirabel: Ok, yea that’s how it should be, i’ve read something like that before. Hhmmm… U read so much
Me: Thanks to my conversion that gave me the chance
Mirabel: I see… uhmmm
Me: Be right back lemme greet my Parents good night then we continue
Mirabel: Okay…
After hanging up, I rushed to the living room. Dad was working with his computer while momma was watching her 9pm phillippians telenovela and Nancy has long gone into her room. I bade them good night then rushed back to my room and found my phone ringing. I checked it but it was an unknown caller.
Me: Hello
Caller: Hi Victor,,, long time No see
** It was a feminine voice**
Me: Yes i guess, sorry who’re u?
Caller: Even though u blocked my other line, yet u dunno my voice?
I can only remember blocking Lola’s number and the voice i was hearing sounded like hers.
Me: It’d be good if u tell me who u are now because i have something important to get back to
Caller: By something important u mean Mirabel?
**Of course its Lola, who else**
Me: Lola?
Caller: It’s me dear
Me: What do u want?
Lola: Awwww that’s so harsh, don’t be like that. I bet u look cute on that face you’re putting on right now
Me: Lola i ask again, what do u want?
Lola: Come on Victor, let’s talk, it’s been a while
Me: Talk about what?
Lola: I know what Mirabel did, she told me everything. How u freaked out and all that
Me: I know that made u happy, but it’s in the past now, it’s all over
Lola: Are u sure about that?
Me: Of course, or u have something else to say?
Lola: Not really
Me: Okay, i got to go now
Lola: It’s okay, i shall get back to u. Don’t even think of blocking this line, because u won’t enjoy the outcome of it
Me: What? (Laughed) are u threatening me? what are u talking about?
Lola: I won’t say much buh, all i will say to u this night is that,,,, what u think is over is not yet started!
Me: What?
**She hanged up**
Me: Hellooo? Lola?!
I tried to call her back but it was switched off. I really don’t get it, what was she talking about? she seems to know what she’s talking about and sure of herself. Oh no i hate stuffs like this! I hate problems!!
Lola left me in a worried mood, I know she could be dangerous from her desperation. I wish this was a film trick. Maybe i should start writing about my life, after all i’ve always loved writing. I shall write about my life because it looks like a movie.
I couldn’t speak with Mirabel that night because of my current mood, so i texted her to let her know that something came up. Then i started thinking and imagining things with my heart full of worries.
What's next?


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