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The first time i saw an erect male anatomy was on my sixteenth birthday. I was an only child, i had no sibling so i wasn’t opportune to see even a little uncut joystick of a young boy as a child. My two nannies were very vigilant, i was never out of their sight. Even when we went to the park, they would trail after me like a puppy. That day changed everything for me, Mami had sent me to call Kosi, our gateman. I heard grunts and moans as i approached his door in the boys quarters. Instead of hollering his name as i would have done on other days, out of curiosity I snuck up to the door and pushed it open gently. I let out an inaudible gasp, kosi was on his little mattress, his legs were spread apart and in the middle of his legs,jutting out in a nest of black bushy hair, was a big, thick, long and veiny thing. He was pulling it up and jerking it fiercely. His eyes were closed, his mouth hung open as if he was deriving a great pleasure from what he was doing.
My heart pounded heavily as i continued to watch him until a creamy substance trickled out of his pe.nis and it suddenly shrank like a deflated tire. I stole back to the house and ran into my room forgetting that Mami sent me on an errand in the first place.I locked my door, took off my shorts and bounced on my bed. I felt my lower bottom with the tip of my finger, surprisingly it was wet. Another mystery in just one day. I wondered why my bottom was damp when i didn’t take a pee or wash it with water. I felt my open slit with my little finger, i felt a little tingle but it was nothing glorious. I wondered why Kosi seemed to be enjoying himself so much, my finger touched a little button at the upper region of my slit and i felt an electric bolt run through me. I snatched away my finger in surprise, i touched it again and again until i felt an incredible feeling in my tummy. My legs jerked involuntarily, my breathing was labored and sweat broke over my brows despite the AC in the room. I arched my back as my tummy was suddenly knotted in a sweet kind of feeling.
” Mable! Where is Kosi?” My mother asked, knocking on my door.” Why is your door locked?”
” Mami!” I said, scampering out of the bed. I located my short and wore it. I unlocked the door and stepped out of my room.
” Why are you sweating like this? do you feel sick? you look flush” Mami asked worriedly, ” Yesu please help me! how could you get sick on your birthday?”
” It started suddenly Mami, I feel like fainting ” I replied in a little voice, pretending to be sick.
” Yehowa! go back into your room! i will give Doctor Kwame a call.”
” Don’t call him, Mami, i only have to rest a bit” i said in a quiet voice.
” Please don’t fall sick. We have spent so much money on your party. Your friends will soon be here and we have called King Mensah to perform.”
” Mami!” I moaned, forgetting for a second that i was supposed to be sick.” How could you call that old Togolese musician to perform on my birthday! I am sixteen and not sixty for Christ sake! My friends will laugh at me, my party will be the worst party ever in the history of birthday parties!”
” Ohhhh my Jewel! King Mensah will perform for your daddy and his friends. He’s a great musician, well known and loved by everyone. He’s one of the best high life musician Togo has ever produced. How silly of you to think he was going to perform for you and your friends. Didn’t we plan for a Dj for your party?”
I sighed in relief. ” Alright Mami. Please nobody should disturb me until my friends get here” I said, going back into my room.
” Mabel! Mabel!”
Tade shouted my name, jarring me out of my sweet riverie. He was fond of calling out my name whenever he came home. I sighed and quickly logged out of the e----c site i was browsing. I deleted the browser history, and typed ‘ healthy diets’ into the search box. He walked into the room, sweating from his work out. He looked so fit and sexy. My friends had told me that the attraction would slowly fade away and the love replaced by a dull, boring feeling or a slight irritation but after ten years of marriage, the physical attraction seemed to wax stronger and stronger. Between the sheets, we ignite enough fire to rekindle the burnt out flames in every homes. He was such a great father to our eight year old daughter and he was such a loving husband. My only wish was, for him to loosen up a bit and socialize as often as possible. He was an introvert and even the sound of loud music was enough to give him a migraine.
I was an extrovert, i was born on a sunny bright day. I was born to dance to loud music, i was born to party all night and wake up refreshed in the morning. The loud thud sound of music booming out of speakers, the bright disco lights, the thrills of bouncing my big a-s to the music and having a strong male body lightly tapping on it were the things that kept me going. I knew all the happening joints in Ghana, i knew which DJ was on the mic just by listening to the music playing. How i wish Tade was more outgoing, we would get to do naughty stuffs like sneaking off to the toilet when we get hot. I could envision myself on the toilet seat, my legs widely spread while he licks me until i come. I would also blow him until he drips lovingly onto my warm tongue. But Tade would rather stay at home and take care of Adwao Mami Serwa, our daughter.
” Bell,are you here at all?” Tade asked, removing his sweat filled polo.
” Yes dear. How was your work out?”
” It was OK. I said we have a dinner tomorrow. One of my senior colleague in the office is retiring ”
” Oh, Kojo Frimpong?, you mentioned it some days ago.”
” Yes. Tomorrow is his send off dinner. We have to get a sitter for Serwa,” he said.
” Oh wow! tomorrow? ” i asked, ” Bad timing dear, tomorrow is Ama’ s hen night.”
” I thought last night was her hen night”
” No. That was Alicia’ s bachelorette party. Don’t you worry dear, i will call up the baby sitter.”
” That means you are going with me to the dinner?” He asked with hope.
” Aww baby, i can’t . I am sure there will be a lot of stuck up and boring people at the party. Besides i can’t stand up Ama.”
” Alright” he said, dumping his polo in the laundry basket. ” My mom called, she asked of you and Serwa.”
” How’s she? ”
” They are all fine. We are going to Nigeria for Christmas”
My face dropped. ” Tade! you know i am hosting this year’s Christmas’s party! Debbie hosted it last year and this year is my turn!”
” No buts. We are going to Nigeria for Christmas”
Funmi hugged me happily. We were both graduating at the same time. She read English and Literary studies while i read History and International relations. We were childhood friends, we went to the same primary school in Ikenne, Remo,Ogun State. We lost contact when my family moved to Lagos. My father, a pastor, was transfered to another church. My father after few years as a pastor in the church needed an assistant pastor and Funmi’ s father happened to be the asst. Pastor that was sent to him. We wrote jamb the same year and we both gained admission into the same school. While in school, we attended the same fellowship and we were rarely ever apart. Funmi was more than my childhood friend, she was the sister i never had.
” Finally, it is over” Fumi said, with laughter.
Our course mates ran to us, with a camera in hand and we took several group photos. Femi, a guy in my department walked up to us and gave me a fierce hug, he let go of me and made to hug Funmi but she stepped back, stretching out her hand for a handshake instead. Femi laughed and shook her hand. Funmi was a 5.5 ft tall, chocolate skinned girl of twenty seven. She was a little chubby and she had a deep dimple in both cheeks. She had a lovely oval shaped face with a pointed nose, deep brown eyes and full lips. She was also busty, but one would hardly know because of the baggy and loose clothes she wears. Her natural hair was styled in an afro, she never wore make up or lip gloss. She had never worn a trouser in her life and she wouldn’t be caught dead in any body fitting top. She always gave me a disapproving look when ever i wore trouser or light make up. She would shake her head but wouldn’t verbally voice out her disapproval. I was light skin and slim, 5.6 ft tall, my boobs were way smaller than hers. My thighs were slimmer and my buttocks was smaller in comparison to hers. Although we were both raised by Pastor Fathers, Funmi was more religious than i was. At twenty seven, she had never been on a date, she had never kissed a guy before and she had vowed never to marry an unbeliever. I was more of the outgoing type, i had made out with few guys in the past but i was still a virgin. I braid my hair much to the consternation of my father and i was sometimes late to church. My father had always said, if it wasn’t for Funmi’s Godly influence i would have deviated from the lord’s path a long time ago.
” Girls, i know i shouldn’t be asking you two this but there’s an after party at my place tonight.” Femi said.
” Sure, i will be there” i said.
” No. Thank you,” Funmi replied.
” Alright Dupe, see you at seven” Femi said, before bouncing away to join the others.
” Come on Funmi! Let’s go have fun!”
” Sometimes you amaze me Dupe, you are a pastor’ s daughter for goodness sake.” Funmi said,” You ought to live by example,”
” Hey. It’s just a party!”
” A party that does not glorify God?”
” Funmi, please let’s not argue. Today is a joyous day for the both of us, come let’s go look for our parents. They should be here by now, i asked them to wait for us at the school gate”
” There they are!” Funmi shouted, pointing at the green Toyoto Corolla steadily making its way towards the car park.
” Funmi, don’t you dare tell them about the party” i threatened.
She laughed, revealing her set of white teeth. ” Just for today, don’t count on it next time o”
” Geez! Please accept my heart felt gratitude. I bet you are worse than i am, you just haven’t seen what rocks your boat yet.” I said, laughing.
” The only thing that rocks my boat is Jesus,” She replied
” Well that is because you haven’t experienced Booze and S-x” i said, shocking her.
She gasped and turned white, her mouth hung open in shock. I laughed and held her hand and we made our way to the car park.

Episode 1
I was almost at my house when i saw her again. The first time i saw her was last year when she and her church members were sharing pamphlets on the street. I and my guys were playing a friendly game of ludo, i was losing seriously so i was in a sour mood. Their loud singing and joyous clapping as they declared the lord’ s second coming and his wonders got to us before we saw them. Ebuka, a burly man who was married with kids was my opponent. Since he lost his driving job, he took his pleasure in playing Ludo games and cursing out the government. I was an unemployed graduate of two years so i had little else to do. The other guys were usually street guys and kids who fancied adult talk.
” Double six!” Ebuka screamed, almost upsetting the ludo game which was placed on the bench we both sat on.
” Take am easy nah” i said surly, i watched with a clenched jaw as Ebuka threw another double six again.
” Double six kill this one” he said, flipping one of my seed back into its house. The others laughed and cheered.
” Six_five” i threw mine, wondering which one of the games to bring out of its home. Ebuka’ s seeds were camped outside my house, waiting for me to bring out a seed.
The singing and clapping got louder and they walked towards us, some of them walked right on, still singing and clapping but two of them walked to us.
” Good afternoon,” the fair slimmer one said, ” we are from the gospel church down the street. We are having a three_ day revival. You are invited to join us” She handed each of the guys a flyer.” God bless you as you come”
” Shebi na your papa get the church Nne?” Ebuka asked, ” me i dey find job o” the other guys laughed.
” The lord will meet you at the point of your need as you come.” the chubby lady with her said, ” I hope you will attend.”
” Yes o” he replied.
” Brother, take” the fair lady extended a flier towards me.
” Thank you. Who do we ask of when we come for the revival? ” i asked, hoping she would tell me her name.
” We have to catch up with the others. You will see us at the revival, we will look out for you all” the dark skinned lady said.
Ebuka and his family had attended the revival and he was employed later on as the driver of one of the deacons. As for me i couldn’t attend because i went for an interview outside Lagos. I was told at the end of it that they would get back to me but they hadn’t till date. I walked by the church often, hoping to catch a glimpse of her or run into her, i would often pester Ebuka about her but he always told me to get my mind off her as she was a pastor’s daughter and he wouldn’t even tell me her name.
” Hello!” I called, running to catch up with her. Luckily for me, i was sporting my only new pair of trouser, i had on my younger brother’s new Palm slippers and i just had my hair cut the previous day with the two hundred naira i stole from Mama. She stopped and looked back.
” Hello, ” She said with a smile.
” Hi. My name is Uchenna,” I said, flashing her my best smile.” We met sometime last year, you gave me your church flier”
” Oh. Nice to meet you again Uchenna, how come i didn’t see you in church? ” she asked jokingly.
” I was out of Lagos for a while. You are…..?”
” Dupe.” She said, ” Will i see you in church on Sunday? ”
” Lovely name, I only stopped to say hello to you.” I replied, not wanting to answer her question.
” That’s nice of you. Where do you worship? ”
” I am Catholic ”
” Alright.” She said, ” i have to be on my way.”
” Do you mind giving me your phone number?”
” No problem. It’s O80…..”
” 76?” i asked.
” Yes, it ends with 76.”
” I will give you a call later.”
” Alright” She said.
I almost jumped up in ecstasy as i watched her walk away. She was so slender, petite and beautiful. Her waist was tiny and i was sure her a-s would barely fit into my palm but i was attracted to her all the same. Dupe. The name suits her i thought as i headed back home.
What next?

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