Episode 10 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for your
pleasures to learn more from the true life story of a friend.
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I was on my way to work, when I saw a car crossing me gruffly, nearly causing me to bump into a wall. I got angry and let go of the steering, was about to get out when he knocked on the window.
I rolled down, so it is you again. Do you want to kill me, what is wrong with your head, you should think right for once. He just kept smiling, what is so funny about you trying to kill me. I was so angry that I wanted to wipe that smirk off his face using a knife.
Sorry I lost control of my brakes; he managed to say after a while of silence. Hope you are not hurt, that is none of your business gent… then I remembered I do not even know his name.
The name is nectar he quickly added after realizing I stopped in the middle of mentioning gentle man. So, what if your name is nectar, would that erase the fact that you nearly killed me out here.
Will that restore my lost time today? Get out of my way. I said harshly but telling my mind silently Kate you are over doing it. But not even my mind could stop me from putting my supposed Husband in his place.
Okay, am going now, he said while rushing to drive out of my way. I tried to say something else but my mind failed me.
What seem like minutes, he was finding it difficult to move his car, while he kept rushing out to check his engine and what else I cannot tell, I assumed he had a fault with his car.
I just hissed and managed to turn around and off I went back home, after calling my P.A to wrap up some few works. I went home to meet my mums absent, and then I bumped into dad while walking upstairs.
Have you fixed the date with nectar yet? I paused and folded my arms; I did not want to do anything that would get mum in trouble. No dad and am not sure I want to get married. And why is that, young girl! Do not provoke me. He said getting hyperactive again.
You think I like you staying in this house with me at this age. Your age mates are in their husband’s house. Get your lazy a-s out there too. I opened my mouth and all that came out was, why do you hate me that much Dad?
I mean I have never wronged you aside I decided to take over mum’s legacy as she wished. Do you blame me for mum’s death, he shoved an eye at me, do not say what you do not know about.
To be continued


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