Episode 12 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Oh grams, you startled us, come here my dear. How are you here now, when my only daughter calls, I had to rush here.
I miss you so much, and then I saw my mum trying so hard to either stand up or sit down. Finally, she stood up, Good day mummy.
How was your trip? Let me help you, she made to take her luggage but she declined, I just faked a smile.
Grams let mum help you, so you can rest, I took her bag and gave it to mum. Which she rushed towards the guest room, to the detest of grams.
Grams settled for a while we had so much talk on why she doesn’t visit anymore. Until dinner was ready, at dinner I realize the whole table was quiet, Grams was staring at me.
I could not fathom why, I finally decided to talk to her about what is going on with dad whiles we sat on her over-sized bed, and she blurted something out which at first I thought I was in a trance.
Kate, did you hear what I said, Are you pregnant? Is that why you called me here so I talk to your Dad? Grams said while staring in my eyes with both of hands on my shoulders.
Ermm, I managed to find my voice, Grams am not pregnant? Besides, it has been four years since i slept with a man.
Are you saying you got pregnant by a woman? Grams, I cannot be pregnant. Are you sure because your body is saying something else, then I remembered I slept with nectar 4 weeks ago.
What I shouted, I quickly rushed out of her room. Met mum and dad sitting downstairs, I shoved them an eye and rushed out in my car.
I kept buzzing to the security; will you open this gate now? He came out trying to get the sleep out of his eyes, ten minutes later, I saw myself in front of the pharmacist.
Tell me am I pregnant? Miss I believe you have to take a test for me to know that. Then let us get the d--n test done, I yelled.
What looks like about five minutes, I was ushered in a room, where she handed me some kits.
What next?


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