Episode 13 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for your

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The pharmacist instructed me on what to do, few minutes after, she told me the worse news I could ever hear.
You are pregnant Miss, though I cannot tell how long you are already, but you are pretty much going to have a baby soon. Congratulations!
I never knew I was this strong, how I carried myself from the pharmacy to my house; I was not able to tell. I was in deep thoughts, when I entered the house, and I heard my dad yelled.
Who is the father of that b-----d you are carrying, that was the last thing I heard, until the next day. I woke up to my worried mum, and grams sitting by my bedside. They sighed finally she is back. Then the events of yesterday came rushing in.
The pregnancy, my dad’s annoying voice. When I felt my legs quivering and my mind and body shutting down. I figured I might have collapsed, that was the only reason they are staring at me, so I did not even ask.
Kate are you okay, mum was examining my whole body, and grams smiling. Dad walked in few minutes later, has she said anything about the b-----d she’s carrying.
Grams shoved her an ugly face, Common Wilson Santa, this is your daughter lying here. If she is carrying a b-----d, then you have a b-----d grandchild too, so mind your words.
Mum stay out of this, how many times have I warned this b-----d of a daughter to stop sleeping with everything? Am sure she does not know who the father of that b-----d is, she should get ready to leave my house with that thing she is carrying. Like mother like daughter, he hissed!
Then my mum flared up, Wilson, I won’t stand you insulting my daughter that way, am sure you are trying to tell me I conceived after been raped. If you know, you were not responsible for Kate why then are you still keeping us here.
Grams just exclaimed, oh please, have you ever seen a labor ward, what you are to Kate is just a step mum


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