Episode 14 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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I do not even know why my son here insists on keeping you in here in the first place. I was not sure what mum and dad was talking about, but for grams, I know she will jump at every opportunity to rub it in mummy Catherine’s face who she really is to me.
I was surprised though my mum finally defended herself that way. Catherine Wilson may not be my biological mum, but she has been there from the very beginning.
I remember when I was 18, I overheard, mum and dad quarrelling over telling me she wasn’t my mum which she insisted its time I know the truth. Then I walked in on them, Mum am not sure, I really mind if you are not my biological mum.
So can you please stop fighting with dad already? She just looked at me and gave me a tight hug. Since then, nothing has changed. I finally yelled!
Could you all get out of my room, find a place and throw your blows. All three looked at me surprised and walked out, mum tried coming back but I told her I want to be alone.
I was surprised to see drake peeping in my room later in the evening, come in already, you gossip, I managed to say with a smile.
Who let you in, and what are you doing here, are you not supposed to be at work? Common Kate, too many questions at a time, I will go straight to the point then.
Is it true? Is what true? I asked him.Do not play dumb with me girl, your mum called, so I know everything. He was talking like a jealous boyfriend and the smile I saw on his face earlier when I have not yet told him its true am pregnant for that person from the bar suddenly vanished.
He just retorted, this is all my fault, we shouldn’t have gone to that bar, why was he reacting that way. I could not figure out why he keeps blaming himself, Drake, I called with tears in my eyes, its fine. I will be fine, so are you going to keep it, he said hugging me to calm me down.
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