Episode 15 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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I released myself from him, what else do you want me to do, Kate you do not even know the dude you slept with, how are you going to explain to your child who his dad is?
Then it dawned on me, I have not even told my friends yet, the same person from the bar is my supposed husband. Why did I keep that little detail away from them, it is not as if I want to marry the dude!
Drake look, there is no way am going to abort this baby, at least, I had no plans for men again so this should be my legacy. I thought and found myself smiling. What is so funny, I think I want to keep this baby. He fumed for a while, and then he finally said your mum wants you to eat, she is so worried about you.
Then I remembered I asked them out earlier, she might be worried by now. I called her from my phone, Mum can I eat now. Within some few minutes she rushed up with my food, mum sorry I yelled at you earlier. I have forgiven you my dear; you are your father’s daughter, so I understand it is in the genes.
Talking of your husband. Is he around? Your father, you mean, my mum said sarcastically. I overheard him talking to Nectar earlier. What? I shouted. I hope he is not about telling that fool, am pregnant.
Then drake who I completely forgot was in the room, asked who nectar is, my mum quickly told him the man I was supposed to marry.
He already knows that mum, but I did not know he had a name of a plant. We all laughed, Oww Kate, that’s a good thing, at least that will make him back off from marrying you. Drake said as if trying to remember something.
We all agreed. Drake left later on after several chit chats.
I had a talk with my granny, I pleaded she should tell me why my dad behaves like that towards me. Your dad is just angry he had to choose between you and the love of his life when the accident happened, the doctors made him understand it’s either you or your mum, in as much as he wanted to choose life for your mum, he had to let you live after several pleas from Claudia, to let you live.
So that means he is angry he had to choose me over her and grams, you should have stopped him from choosing me.
To be continued


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