Episode 17 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for
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What was I doing at Eve’s wedding in the first place, what that b---h Matilda was doing there does not surprise me at all. I could not believe these trios betrayed our friendship, and still stick together like glue.
I was deep in thought when mum entered asking about the wedding and the fact that since I decided to keep the baby, I must as well start attending antenatal.
Mum is that necessary, you know I have to resume work and I might not have the time to go in and out of the hospital. Listen to yourself woman; you think this was how I brought you into this world.
You had better get yourself out to the St Joseph hospital tomorrow; I booked an appointment for Sundays. Because I know, you will fight with me over the working days, okay mum I will, so tell me who the father is and do not lie.
Mum, not you too, she smacked my back lightly and walked out. She knows am not going to tell until am ready, Mom I called! Can we talk about the other day? You said some things I want you to clarify.
Kate, I would be very glad if we do not discuss this.
Mom why? You keep shutting me out. Kate am not, whatever I said the other day has nothing to do with you. So I don’t see the reason I should be discussing with you. But I thought we have no secrets mom. Why do you all keep breaking my heart one after the other?
Come here my dear, she pulled me into her arms for a while. Look, I love you and whatever I have to do to stop those pictures from getting out there I will. I just nodded because I know she was trying to take my mind of the questions.
I called my triangle of friends and we spoke for a long time. Drake even volunteered to take me to the hospital but I declined.
I walked into the hospital as early as 9am, waited for a while and then I heard the nurse mention my name, I followed her inside, and our eyes met.
Nurse, let me have the folder, he was acting professionally. He looked at the folder, glanced through and asked me to have a seat.
I hesitated for a while but the nurse was standing there so I did not want to cause trouble. I pulled the chair and sat down. Miss Santa, right have far are you.
I took another glance at him, and nodded my head, not to anything in particular. He then flashed his hand to the nurse, and I saw her leaving.
How do you feel Miss Santa, how far are you? Look drop the act, that folder should tell you all you needed to know.


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