Episode 18 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Do not use this opportunity to try mingling with me; you know I do not like you. You do not either; I think I need another doctor. Okay, I will ask my other colleagues if they are willing to work on Sundays, because am the only doctor that works on Sundays. You opt for a weekday probably you can get another doctor fixed for you.
By the way, I met your Dad over lunch regarding the pictures, he assured me he took care of whoever kept sending them and he is sure there are no copies out there. Except the ones he has right, I retorted back.
Nectar kept scratching his head, with that I could not convince him to destroy it. He was so adamant on keeping it, but I promise the worse is over. And why didn’t you tell him, you were the dude who took advantage of his daughter and was so childish to let it get to the open.
Kate don’t talk like that, am sorry that happened, but am looking into the hotel where we slept at. You slept at not me. I said eyeing him.
You do not even have the decency to take me to a better hotel. Upon all the work you do here, are you that broke to settle for a mushroom hotel? You had better make this go away or else I will never forgive you.
My sister is a lawyer; she also looked into it with her confidential Informant. Look am not here to discuss your family with you, am glad you were man enough to get that sorted out and thank you. I said rudely and said goodbye.
In that case help me tell the nurse to bring in the next patient, do I look like an errand girl? I was about to walk out when his next question nearly sent me to an early grave.
Is that child mine? Kate am asking you a question. He spoke for the fifth time before I regained my composure. Who are you, what makes you think you are responsible, I tried to convince.
The timing in the folder, Look I slept with you once does not mean you can father a child, I told nectar so sternly without blinking my eyes.
Leave me alone, am sure you have other innocent women you took advantage of, find them. One of them might be pregnant with your child, but certainly not me.
He slumped into his chair, as if he was expecting the child to be his. I thought the things I said will offend him but he was not. Good day, Miss Santa, if you do change your mind, give me a call.
I went home, feeling bad and blaming my mum, she knew nectar was the doctor at that hospital. Well I will not blame her, if she knew and did this on purpose. Was about to take a nap, when my phone beeped. It was a WhatsApp message from an unknown number.
It was a pleasure meeting you today; I would like to be your doctor.
What is wrong with this person, I said silently, I texted back with insults. We were at each other’s throat until I slept off finally. The next day, I was not so sure if I was ready for work but I had to.
Could not sit around like a pregnant doll, though a few things were about to change especially when my baby starts growing but I realized I am so strong to overcome every obstacle.
I was driving to work, when my phone rang.
What next?


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