Episode 2 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for your
pleasures to learn more from the true life story of a friend.
.No part of it should be reproduced
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I just got home late, after those three decided to cheer me up after coffee morning
As I entered, I greeted my mum, who just sighed “Thank God”,
Probably because I came home safe, I took a step up the stairs, when I heard his husky voice
Where do you think you are coming from by this time of the night?
I just froze at one point, and managed to look back and my mum beckoned me to be quiet
She knew we were at the verge of exchanging words again, since that has become our routine
Then he spoke up again, am I not asking you a question, “young girl”
I hate it when he calls me young girl, for crying aloud I blurted out
Dad am 27years old, in case you forgot
Then he flared up again, I could not describe the fury in his eyes at that moment
I was not sure if his eyes were that red because I told him not to call me young girl or because I said something else
He always become so angry like a lion, when it comes to my age or birthdays
Nevertheless, I just regarded it as if the man does not like me that much
Then he spoke up again,
I told you if you want to be sleeping with every man in trousers; you had better leave my house
I will not come home and my house is not complete, I just looked straight ahead and trying so hard to control my anger.
Though I was fuming inside, I cannot stand mum being in the center of everything again
I hate to see her cry because my Dad decided to be so cold towards his family
Sometimes I wonder if he gave birth to me and if he ever loved the woman he married
After several noises from him, I walked straight to my room, and laid down
I heard a knock on my door, and mum entered
What next?


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