Episode 20 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for
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Hello sir, I want to apologize for my behavior the last time, I was in a bad place with my dad then. Well I still do not agree to my son marrying you! That is what I want too! I quickly chipped in.
However, my son will not back down, even after knowing he might be raising somebody else’s baby. I felt embarrassed, but did not want to show my stubbornness again.
Moreover, he keeps ranting about the fact that you are carrying his baby. No sir, this child is mine alone, am sure he is just paranoid. Please speak to my dad so he cancels this wedding plan.
Am sorry Miss, I love my son, in as much as I do not want him marrying you. I cannot decide for him, what makes him happy. He has been through a lot already so if he says you are the one, who am I to reject you?
What about my own happiness then, well work out your own salvation? Wedding is in a month, take it or leave it. Your dad wants it done soon.
I just got so angry, confused and stormed out of there without a word. I drove straight home, walked in on my parents sitting on different beds.
Dad can we talk? He just looked at me for a second, am sure he saw the tears in my eyes. Mum, can you please excuse us? Dad I know you would have so wished mummy was alive I understand I killed her. It was a tough decision to make back then, the love of your life, or your child.
And I believe you loved me when you choose me, why then are you so angry with me. You always forget I lost a mother too, so you are not the only one who lost someone. But am the innocent one here, I could just leave this house and never see you again, but am still here hoping you will change soon.
Most especially, I cannot leave mum behind, she will not leave with me because she loves you too much and cannot leave you attending to your own needs.
Cancel this wedding; I will do whatever you want. Get married rather, and I will treat that murderer of a mother right. Okay I will get married, but not to that man, I mean I do not even like the man.
To be continued


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