Episode 21 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for your great pleasures to learn
from the true life story of a friend.
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I want to marry a man of my choice, Okay I give you two weeks to bring that man of your choice, if you do not your wedding with nectar will push through. You know I still have the pictures; you don’t want to see your face all over the internet right?
For once, my dad spoke to me without venom in his voice. Mum was standing behind the door when I came out.
Am sure you heard everything, Mum leave with me, and there are men out there that will adore you, unlike my dad. Baby, you will never understand, I cannot leave.
Mum I do not want to get married, I said amidst tears. Then don’t! She said cuddling me but he will maltreat you. Kate, your dad I can handle, I have stayed with this man long before you came to this world.
So you mean you cannot do this for your baby girl right, Kate, you are everything I have. I love you; do you think I have not done enough digging on this nectar? I shoved her an ugly look.
If I thought he was a bad man I would gladly leave with you, but my dear, I met the man over a long talk during the weekend; he has genuine intentions for you.
He loves you, of course, you do not but you may want to consider marrying him. No man will want to agree to marry a woman carrying another man’s child unless he think that child is his or he probably love you too much.
Mum I cannot believe you are also siding with dad on this, am not my dear. If you do not want to fine, but do not stay in this house because you think am been treated unfairly.
You cannot waste your time here with me, am already old, and I want seven grandchildren. That part cracked me up and I smiled.
And your child needs a father, you of all people should understand that. If your Dad were different, am sure your child would have a better home and father here. Every child needs a father in their lives especially girls.
Mom I do not know the gender yet. Yes, I know but that child needs a father. You do not want him or her growing up asking you too much questions as you do all the time. Give him a good home my dear.
Just then, grams walked in on us, for once this step mum of yours made a little sense. Grams you also want me to marry that man.
Yes, or any other man you want raising your child. Unfortunately, my sons disrespect towards my suggestions are irritating me so I could not convince him further.
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