Episode 22 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for
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As it stands now, you can’t keep holding on to your past, bring another man home if you so don’t like the other guy.
The next day, I visited Drake and luckily, the two others were there. James, will you marry me as soon as possible? He nearly choked on his drink.
What Kate, I narrated everything to them, just then Anthon said drake won’t you marry her. I mean you always wanted to, I was lost as to what they were talking about, and he just smiled and gave a cheeky answer.
Kate are you for real. I can marry you, I mean pretend to, drake finally said. Drake you think my dad is not smart enough to know we are pretending.
Besides I do not want to destroy your love life with your girlfriend, she will not understand.
What if you marry the man on contract basis, Anthon said? How I asked, you can talk to him, am sure if he loves you, he would not want to lose you for a year.
Anthon this your suggestions, I do not want to end up tied down. He is right Kate; drake finally spoke up, in a weird way. Call him up and discuss that with him.
I quickly called him up through my secretary the next day for lunch, which he claimed he had a life to save so we should reschedule.
I was home a few weeks later, when my mum announced he was waiting for me downstairs. I rushed down in my pajamas, just to meet my dad sitting there chatting with him.
Young girl, will you go back and put on something appropriate. Yes, Kate, you should besides we are going out to have that talk now, nectar said.
I rolled my eyes and went up to change; I did not understand why I rushed down in my pajamas in the first place.
I finally came down after what looked like hours, so put on a proper dress and you dress as if you are standing by the roadside waiting for your clients as usual, was that what kept you in there that long?
To be continued


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