Episode 24 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Yeah, I can sue you for rape you know; common you are a big girl. You actually consented to this before you even got tipsy; I had you saying yes on record.
I bet you enjoyed every bit of it; you could not stop moaning one person’s name though. At this point I fuming inside, why is he so cool about sleeping with a total stranger.
Who is Mandela, He asked! what the hell? I retorted, just then, our order came in. I stared at the food for a while, because I feel nauseous at the mention of that name. Kate are you okay, you do not like the food so we change it.
You know what take me home right now. But wait, you haven’t touched your food, will you shut up and take me home or I find my way.
Am sorry, I was sure people might be staring but I just want to get out of there fast. The drive home was so silence that he only spoke after dropping me home.
I agree. To your contract thingy, your own terms. Draw it down, how you want it and let me know. I just tried to look back which I was not able to until I walked straight ahead inside.
This time my dad was not waiting for me on the couch, I sighed and went straight to bed. Playing the events of the evening in my head.
I actually woke up late the next day with a message popping up on my phone.
I do not know where to start, but I ruined our dinner, sorry can I make it up to you anytime soon.
Love, Nectar.
I tossed the phone in my laundry bag and went straight inside to take a shower. I needed to clear my mind.
Just then, my dad came in when I was not even done with dressing myself up. Gosh Dad, Can’t you knock, I hope you start treating mum right, since I have agreed to marry your protégé.
Young girl, give me the list of people you want to invite for the wedding so I get the cards printed out.
What next?


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