Episode 25 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written
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Dad? I mean I have agreed to marry the man; allow me do things my way. You will do no such thing; you think you are smarter than I am. He burst out and banged my door in my face.
I quickly rushed to where I damped my phone earlier. Look talk to your gossip partner; I don’t want him planning my wedding. I will have the contract sent to you early; my family lawyer is on it. Quickly I hanged up before he could say anything.
Later in the evening, I came back from work and met nectar talking with my dad. I see you reported me, this should be your last, and you may have your way now.
I just shoved an eye at him and nectar, I saw my dad walking pass me. I received the document, and I have already signed, said nectar. Hope you read it through, because I will not be happy if you violate any of it.
I do not need to read it, whatever makes you happy am fine with it. Good night, I said without even knowing it.
Drake, can you handle the rest of the wedding. No guests, just my family and you guys, probably his family. In my dad’s house, Kate do you really need to do this? Drake, I asked you to marry me remember and you seemed not interested. It is just for a year; I will be out sooner than you know it.
You three can always come and visit, I will miss you people though. So when is the wedding. He said with so much sadness showing in his voice. it is in a month drake! I just want it done with already. I responded sadly too.
I buried myself into work, for the rest of the following weeks. I kept ignoring Matt’s calls; she tried seeing me at the office severally. That girl doesn’t give up.
That morning I saw myself in the midst of unfamiliar faces, of course he is entitled to bring his family members to his wedding, but not this much. Is this even a wedding? I asked my mind hoping for an answer I already know.
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