Episode 27 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Our house, Nectar said calmly.
Guy you can see she is not in the mood now. You go and come back another time. Drake said trying to make fun of him.
Okay, Kate I will see you tomorrow. He said and walked out. I glanced at drake after he walked out, and we both chorused, is this man stupid or what. Kate you are in for a lot of trouble in your marriage.
As if you know, that is even better; I can have my peace of mind. I think you should listen to Matts, whatever she has to say. Not you too drake, I just can’t stand the girl.
Young girl, what are you still doing here, you should be in your husband’s house?
Dad, please not now, am not in the mood for your taunting’s. Wilson leave her alone for once, nectar said he would pick her up tomorrow.
I saw my mum sitting by my bedside, I did not even realize I slept off and drake was gone. Mum, is everyone gone. Yes, including your grams, she said to tell you she will visit when you settle in.
Are you taking this dress along, I saw mum holding my red top she got me for Christmas.
Mum what are you doing, packing your things for your matrimonial home? Really, and who told you I will be going there.
Common Kate, don’t treat the poor boy like that, I can see that guy really adores you. He will do anything for you; just give him a chance, will you? For my sake.
Mom, please don’t ask me to do the impossible, just promise you will call if you run into trouble with dad, my dear, don’t worry I will be fine here.
Enjoy your marriage, and sorry I was out of money this month so I have not been able to get you anything for your wedding night, will do that once I get my allowance for the house keep up next month.
Mom, you do not have to get me anything, besides I doubt if a wedding night is ever going to happen, but here take this cheque, I always tell you to let me know when you do not have money.
I hope dad doesn’t starve you for me, Kate don’t starve the poor boy please. Marriage, is not consummated without the wedding night; I do not have to give you guidelines.
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