Episode 28 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for
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Do I have to? At the look of things mum, I have to give you guidelines! We all laughed!
Early the next day, nectar was in my house. Mum quickly dragged my stuffs to his booth and dad was walking aimlessly in the room.
I gave my mum a long hug, and told dad to remember our deal. He just looked at me in a way that he has never done before, as if he was sad, I was leaving home.
The drive home was rather awkward he kept stealing glances. I hope you do not mind, I want to get us something for lunch.
What would you prefer? I was mute for some seconds. Gentle man, do whatever you want to, you always don’t have to ask my permission.
Okay, I will be right back; he pulled over and rushed out to what seemed like a restaurant. I sat in the car thinking what is in store for me, how am I going to handle this childish husband of mine.
I was out for 5mins when he spoke up; I got you your favorite. Oh, you are already back, I managed to say weakly to nectar.
Nectar drove to a building with giant gates, and then I saw nectar’s mum and dad coming out. You are welcome my daughter, I was like really, this guy still stays with his parents.
Of course, I said that in my head, thank you mummy. I smiled sheepishly. We got inside and was ushered into our matrimonial room. He does have taste for good decor, I found myself smiling.
What is funny, nectar asked, and who is laughing, I replied. Sorry, you can use the other side of the wardrobe.
Kate he called, I raised my head and saw nectar throwing to my direction the keys. And I handed your lunch over to my mum. Maybe you can come down after you settle in.
What next?


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