Episode 29 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written
for your great pleasures to learn from the true life story of a friend.
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Gentle man, am not hungry, but you need not starve yourself. You know you are still pregnant. Nectar said calmly.
And what part of that concerns you. I said rudely. I realized I was getting irritated already, if I don’t get any sleep soon, I might explode.
Look am just concerned as a doctor not a father. He walked out and I felt like he was angry. I couldn’t tell when I slept off, but woke up feeling really hungry.
Nectar was nowhere around the house. I walked out with no particular place in mind. I met his mum on the couch, and the whole place was silent.
You are awake; do you care for your lunch now? I came in earlier, but you were fast asleep. She said.
Yes, mum besides I want to know the way to the kitchen just in case, I got my food reheated and what looks like several hours I was finally done.
Don’t worry about food for some time whiles you are here, just take your time and get acquainted with the place first, I will be doing the cooking myself.
How did this woman end up giving birth to a spoilt child like Matts? Am sure it was her stepmom that spoilt her. I was thinking aloud now.
I mean I knew she stayed with her stepmom, and I have never met her mum who remarried his ex-husband. Complicated family, I thought to myself.
That was the main reason why we actually have a connection because we both live with our steps. But this woman right here, is so different from matt, I murmured.
Just then, I felt someone was standing on me, I turned and our eyes met. Welcome, Katie! I just looked on and back to my phone, which I was glued to earlier giving my friends information on how to find this place.
Let me leave you two, nectars mum finally said after sensing the tension around. I saw Matts pulling a chair beside me, can we talk please, Katie! She made to touch me.
Matts stay in your lane; I don’t want to do anything I would regret.
What next?


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