Episode 3 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for your great
pleasures to learn more
from the true life story of a friend.
.No part of it should be reproduced
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Kate, I told you not to talk back at him when he is fuming at you
However, you disobeyed me out there again
Mum, I can’t stand Dad treating me that way, am not a kid anymore
I just want him to recognize me as his own
On the other hand, am I not his daughter?
Had the table been turned to the other side, I would understand.
However, with him, I do not seem to get it
Mum just stood up at once and scared the hell out of me
That is supposed to mean, Mum asked
Your food is in the microwave in case you get hungry
Then she walked out
I slapped my mouth, asking myself in deep thought what I said wrong
Mum avoided me the whole week, Dad just hiss anytime he bumped into me in the house
I just wanted to be daddy’s girl, why won’t he give me that chance, was it my fault I am his only child
I was in deep thought, when she walked into my office
Stacy buzzed in; informing me Eve was looking for me
I raised up my face and my gaze fell on the figure walking towards my direction
I just dropped what I was doing and stared,
Can I sit down; I nodded my head to her question
She took her sit, and there was silence for a while
Then she stood up, look Kate, I don’t know why am even here in the first place
I guess to kill me finally, I retorted
Common Kate, we both know I wasn’t at fault, if you were in my shoes would you have said anything
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