Episode 30 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for your
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I hissed and went upstairs, took my shower and tucked myself in. Not long after nectar came back from wherever he went to. Sorry I woke you up I was not sleeping. I found myself answering nectar in a rather calm tone.
Does your sister live here as well? Yes, is there a problem? Yes, there is gentle man, tell her to avoid me.
I have been meaning to ask what the problem was between you two but she was not talking. Just tell her not to come near me, I said again, but this time with a loud tone.
I don’t even know why you cannot get your own place after getting married. Am not sure how long I can stand her in this house, but warn her.
Kate you have not even been here for a day yet and you already have problems with someone. I understand you girls have your feud before I met you but please kindly bear with me for now.
I will get a place soon, he finally said. You had better do so, I retorted back!
He just nodded his head in detest and went to clean himself up. For what looked like, two hours he came back to the room.
I think he went to get something fixed for him, because he was childishly wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
He just said goodnight after seeing him with his toothbrush earlier going into the washroom. Then he jumped onto the couch, after picking up a pillow beside me.
I was surprised when I asked why he was sleeping there; it’s not like I expect anything to happen or I care that much.
He replied, he thought that was part of the contract, as he hasn’t gotten time to read yet.
To be continued


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