Episode 31 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for your

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Gentle man make time and read the contract, you can have the bed if you want to. I said to nectar and I pulled myself to face the dressing mirror and that was it, I was gone within minutes.
I woke up realizing nectar actually came over to bed, this pregnancy is doing wonders on me these days. I quickly rushed myself through, bath and was dressing up, Just then, he woke up, Good morning
Am off to work, maybe I might end up at my mums because I need to pick up my car. I Oh that! Can you give me five minutes to wash down so I can drop you off since your car is not here!
Do not bother drake is picking me up. Do you have a problem with that? No, no, have a nice day.
I walked out meeting mummy and daughter on the dining table I greeted and walked out.
I wonder where Mr. Glover has been since yesterday, mummy tried pushing breakfast on me but I declined, and Matt’s with that her pathetic face. Gosh, I cannot stand her.
On my way out, I think I saw nectar hiding behind the curtains, was he checking up on me? Drake drove off in silence, until he finally asked.
Did you sleep with him? I mean it is not like it is my business, you are married to the dude and you are entitled, but am just curious.
I looked at him and shook him with my shoulder, oh common! You know all this is on paper right, and besides you know my problem, am only attracted to one man.
Too much loads at work that I just have to leave it for Stacy and see my mother quickly, as I entered, the whole place looked so different, I know I left just yesterday but it felt forever.
Just then my mum, quickly pulled me over into her arms, checking me up. How have you been, we talked and shared tears for a while.
Mom, I think I have to go. I want to stay but knowing dad. By the way, where is he, Ermm maybe work?
He has not been home since you left yesterday. What?


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