Episode 32 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written
for your
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He left you alone in here. What a jerk! Mom am staying, that is final! No, you are married now; get yourself out to your house. Kate am not an invalid.
But mom, no buts Kate, you have wifely duties. Wifely duties can wait, no it cannot wait. Is that why you insist on staying in this house like a slave?
You think I have not noticed; you sleep on two separate beds in your room. I finally queried my mom. I see you walk out all night in the garden crying. Mom I see it all, whatever it is tell me. Let us leave here before he comes back.
Do you owe him anything mom? We can find a way to pay back. Just then, I heard a knock on the door.
Nectar was standing by the door smiling.
What are you doing here, am I not allowed visit to my home anymore just because am married? Kate don’t blame him, I called him up, knowing fully well you might not want to go. Mom interrupted.
Mom? Do not mom me; just go with your husband.
What husband, you have no idea what a child I married. I just heard my name in a loud tone.
Kate!! Watch your mouth, who brought you up this way. Apologize to your husband now; you think everything will always be white.
You learn to endure and like the blacks as well. Mom am sorry, but do not ask me to apologize to him.
What next?


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