Episode 33 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Yes, am asking you to. Be fast about it. Mom worry too much over these stuffs. I sniffed! Okay sorry, not good enough Kate. “I said am sorry”. That’s better, mom replied.
Geez mom, I have to go now since you are driving me out. Please kindly send my car through the driver tomorrow.
I will be tempted to come back and never go back. I will, now come here; Mom gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheeks.
Now be good! My mom said sternly, Nectar kindly take her away before she changes her mind. Mom told Nectar without looking in my direction.
Nectar drove in total silence and spoke up at a point claiming, the contract has no details concerning the one year.
It is just a normal wedding document Kate; it just stated strangely, if you decide to leave, I would have custody of the child.
I yelled, I became confused, what are you talking about. I drafted this myself and signed. “You did this”. I started hitting nectar everywhere I could lay my hands.
Please calm down; we do not have to do this now Kate. Let us get home first, please, if you keep shaking me we might end up in a ditch. I heard nectar say but my mind was very far away.
The vehicle kept skipping off the road, and all I heard was a thud. I just woke up at the hospital, I recognized my mum, and then my dad came through the door.
You nearly killed an innocent man, “like mother like daughter”. I told you am smarter than you so do not joke with me. Stop blaming your husband for any change in that contract; I made sure you could not contest it. So do not even try it, because you will not succeed. “Dad said furiously and tried to storm out”.
He bumped into mom while still fuming; mum asked him. Is that how to treat a daughter who just had an accident. Without a word, I only heard a thud and that was it.
I looked up at my mum in tears. Do not worry, nectar told me everything, why would you even do such a thing Kate. I thought you just did not want to get married, because you did not want to leave me.
Now am beginning to think, Mandela broke you completely, to think of what you did. Were you just going to ridicule yourself in your matrimonial home and toy with an innocent man’s life, Kate I brought you up better than this!
Marriage is sacred; you go in and do not try finding the easy way out. I thought one way or the other; you figured you could learn to endure him.
That was why you went ahead, I would not have wanted this kind of mess you would be calling a marriage for you, trust me, I am there, I have been there.
I know you did not like nectar, what was the point of going through everything just to convince your grams and dad, you should bring your own man home and you come back with none, but just to go ahead with the proposed marriage.
Mom am sorry, I did not tell you anything sooner, and nectar you agreed to this, mom shifted her attention to nectar now.
Just then, I realized nectar was standing in one corner of the hospital, staring as if I just escaped death.
“Well I do not blame you; you are only a man in love after going through a lot yourself”. Mom confronted nectar. Let me know when she gets discharged, enjoy your marriage!
I saw her coming towards me. You, she turned to me, I believe this is your punishment for making this choice for yourself. Mom was walking out, when I called after her. Mom am sorry.
Just then, the nurse came in and I saw nectar walking towards her. They were talking discreetly; I was getting worried.
Am the patient here, you do not need to whisper to each other, talk to me. I said to nectar and Kate.
“Is something wrong with my child”? Hello Nurse, am asking a question here!
What next?


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