Episode 34 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for
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Ermm, Nectar tried to find his voice. But I think he found it after I gave him a killer look. Kate you are fine, he managed to say finally. Then what is it, you are looking so funny, “I asked”!
Kate it is just that, the tests done on you whiles you were out briefly shows, you might be having twins.
“What”? I blurted out. We are not sure yet, but I have scheduled another lab for you later in the evening. nectar quickly said.
Meaning am spending another day here! I asked nectar sarcastically. If you want us to go we can, so you come back later, nectar chipped in. We were still talking when his parents came in.
I saw Matts pulling in later but standing by the door. Just then, nectar excused himself.
They were talking and I could not figure out what happened. She just retreated back, and went out of the door.
“I sighed better”, while Mr. and Mrs. Glover kept ranting about how nectar should be careful of driving.
After nectar walked up to us, he just gave out a smile.
The labs came back positive, and I could not believe I was going to have to stop working soon. Focus on my twins, I hate to be idle, probably mom will help me out.
I finally remembered I needed to call her, I tried for the sixth time and she did not pick up. Is that your mum again, I think you should give her time, she will come around. Nectar advised!
What is your own, you caused all this, am sure you are happy about how things turned out right? I saw myself snapping at nectar again.
Kate, don’t talk that way, remember I just wanted to marry you because I like you, I didn’t say anything about contract, that was your decision and I approved. What wrong have I done now you know, let me get out of here. Nectar hit his head once and the smile on his face vanished.
He walked from my bed to the door where he bumped into Anthon, James and drake, smiled and walked out.
What was that, James asked. Leave him, I told the guys. Don’t tell me you guys have started fighting, Anthon asked. We fight all the time, I told my friends and they all laughed.
After narrating everything to them, I just heard drake cursing, and I was like what is wrong with you.
You men gave me this idea, now it backfired you are cursing. Kate do you realize you are tied down now, yes I know, don’t remind me.
Besides, now that am having twins, I cannot give my children up for anything. We will find a way out, James said.
What way, remember we are talking about Mr. Santa, the most influential person here in George Town.
Therefore, what, drake said!
Kate I will not let anyone take you from me. Then the whole place became so quiet, I mean I will not let anyone take you from us, he quickly corrected himself. Right, Drake said regrettably! James and Anthon, confused as they are, all chorused, yes we will do something.
“I thought to myself if what mom said about drake’s feelings for me could be true”.
They left when nectar came in to announce the discharge notice. I hate this gentle man right now; I mean how he is so calm about all the happenings on going.
We arrived home in matts car, which I was out the whole drive home, my father in law insisted I should be pushed upstairs in a wheel chair; I just have a little limp I replied.
After what looks like thirty minutes, I was finally ready to take a nap. Should I get you something, mum is bringing dinner in here later.
Kate are you sleeping, nectar kept asking. Common gentle man, can I have some peace?
You can see am struggling to sleep, what is your own at all. I hissed.
Kate I did not mean to wake you. Just then, there was a knock and I saw Matts coming in with a tray.
You have to be kidding me, I yelled. Sis I thought we talked about you avoiding her for now. I heard nectar say.
What next?


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