Episode 35 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for
great pleasures to learn from the true life story of a friend.
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Saint, do not call me that, Nectar yelled out to his sister. Okay nectar, mum sent me. Matts answered and i just wanted to find out how she is doing. Come here, bring the food, you can go now, he told Matts.
I watched on while, brother and sister make their noise. Matts hurriedly went out.
But then she quickly rushed back in, Katie if you need anything let me know. Really matts, am sure if I need someone to sleep with my husband I will call you.
What? Nectar retorted. Stay out of this gentle man, will you? I told nectar with fire in my eyes now.
All right, Katie now that you mentioned it, I admit I was wrong but I thought I was doing the right thing back then, you call sleeping with my man, RIGHT, I asked matts in a high tone.
Look, I think your sister needs a Psych evaluation. I pointed out to nectar. I mean you just heard what she said. Katie I did not sleep with Mandela because I want to hurt you or anything. I was just looking out for you. Matts said with tears almost failing her.
Which Mandela, the same one you kept moaning his name, Nectar asked startling me. Will you stay out of this? I shoved nectar an ugly face, and he took a chill pill in the couch watching us.
What makes you think I even want you looking out for me Matts. Common we are friends Katie. Point of correction, we were friend’s Matts. I rubbed in! Matts could not help but this time the tears were over flowing.
“Until you broke me completely, which I keep thinking about it never makes sense.”
Have I offended you in anyway, I mean not that I can remember. I asked the crying matts.
I would have taken this as any of those things, if it came from Annette or Eve but not you Matts. She was just standing there, with tears flowing like the ocean pacific.
Sis, answer her, why did you! Nectar yelled once more. I know you would not do anything without a reason; start talking now or I will commit another murder. He yelled again.My heart skipped on hearing that, I tried to look in his direction but I was too scared.
Katie, I tried to tell you Mandela was not a faithful man, but you would not hear any of it. I caught him several times, and the last one that got to me was when he rapped a fifteen-year-old and paid the family off. Matts said with her voice trilling off.
Remember you sent me there to drop his birthday cake when you were out of town. I went in and heard him arguing with a woman, I went out waited for the woman to come out.
After several pleas with the woman, she told me what happened, she could not report to the police because they were scared, besides he promised to cater for them so there was no need to. Remember we had to fight over the cake, you were so sure I internationally did not go to his place. I could not speak to you; I mean you never believed me when I told you about his many escapades. The only thing you will believe is when you see it with your eyes; I decided to put our friendship on the line. Yes, call me crazy. You were the only family I had then. Matts narrated vividly the past.
I could not see you broken after you move in with him and finally marry him, I can stand you broken now, but not forever in a useless marriage. That was why you saw me there, in his house when we just spoke not long ago and I did not exactly sleep with him; you only saw what I wanted you to see. I have been carrying this guilt for far too long. Matts said still rubbing the dirt in my face.
So how is this my fault matts, that I loved a guy too much, that I was blind. Is that the point you are trying to make, just get out now. I finally felt like questioning matts.
I yelled so loud that, I felt like my children were coming out. I did not know when I passed out, but woke up and found nectar in the same position he was before.
To be continued


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