Episode 4 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for your
pleasures to learn more from the true life story of a friend.
.No part of it should be reproduced
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Remember the girl’s code; see and do not tell, she hissed with a pathetic face
I also remember the code, which said no snatching of another’s partner. I answered her
I guess you could have made an exception for this one, at least I told you I was going to the house that day, and you could have dropped a hint
I was so surprised I was so calmed, talking to this betrayal of a friend
How was I going to do that when you really want to move in with him?
I told you several times to take your time that was a hint enough Kate
Therefore, you just came to my office to apportion blames on our failed friendship or my failed love.
Infact get out of my office, she just sat there staring at me
Then she finally spoke up, to think I just came here to invite a very good friend to my wedding
It seemed like she is still holding a grudge against the wrong person
Annette was right; I should not have come here in the first place
She dropped what seemed like an invitation card on my desk and walked out
I slumped in my chair, thinking if I did the right thing, throwing her out of my office
I had lunch with drake, where we discussed Eve’s presence in my office the previous week
He could not help but just stare at me throughout the lunch
He did not say much and I was wondering if he was even listening to me at all
I decided to talk to mum, about Eve’s wedding, I had a soft spot for my friends
Until the three decided to betray me, but we had plans, we took a whole vacation to plan how our weddings were going to be the talk of town, because it was going to be us three at the same time
Nevertheless, what do I get now; they are moving on without me, should I cry over this again
Mum wiped my face with the back of her hand telling me to find a way and forgive them including the b---h herself; Matilda
I told her that would not be possible, and then my dad walked in.
What next?


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