Episode 6 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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I walked out of my room, feeling so lost as to how I got home after last night, then it dawned on me I was out with the boys and ended up laid by a total stranger.
During breakfast, I kept eating in bits while I thought about the events of last night; I remembered his face, which I want to forget. I cannot believe I finally screwed someone after 4years.
I want to forget, I murmured to myself and hit my head so hard, that my parents just stared at me, of course mum rushed from where she was seated with her spoon still in her hands, Darling are you okay, yes mum, just a hangover, I think I need coffee rather.
I excused myself from the table; I put a call through to my trio friends, who have become everything to me since my trio girlfriends betrayed me.
I had no man in my life, my dad would have been great to share my secrets with but he choose to be cold. I thought to myself silently.
Kate, you said it was important, yet you are silence as if we are in a cemetery. Anthon asked with so much anticipation in his voice.
Drake I think slept with someone last night, I said quickly avoiding his gaze. “Finally” Anthon and James blurted out. Drake on the other hand was sounding funny. How Kate! I mean we left together.
Remember you called and I did not pick up! Drake nodded to my statement with a little fury in his eyes.
Why is he getting worked up? I thought to myself. Then he resumed his speech.
So what happened that you had to reduce yourself to a total stranger? He was sounding now like my Dad. Drake I do not remember owing you an explanation as to who I sleep with. I said rather rudely.
Kate am sure drake is just concerned about you. James said looking to Anthon’s direction as if he wanted him to support his earlier reply. I shrugged and continued.
I went back after discovering I left my phone on the table on which we occupied that night but someone else booked the table. One thing led to another, I cannot remember all the details but I woke up realizing I just got laid. But I feel within me he acted on my permission.
You call that permission! Drake finally spoke up. I had forgotten he was still around. What then do you call it? I asked trying to piss him off.
Well I would blame it on the fact that i got drunk, but I was so sure I consented to whatever happened between us. I said shyly fidgeting with my fingers, while they looked on.
I will kill that son of a b---h who took advantage of you Kate. Drake relax no need to make a mountain out of a molehill. Drake’s funny attitude actually made my day.
Kate you could have landed in much bigger problem by following an unknown man into God knows where. he said sternly
The drive home from our chill out joint was rather silent. They dropped me home and Drake kissed me goodbye on the cheeks. I just smiled and went right ahead.
Blaming myself while i walked in over the fact that I broke my own set of rules when I was doing just fine. I hated myself since then, I did not want to sleep with a random person, but I reassured myself since I was not in love or about to move in with him, then am fine.
I was still in my thoughts when my dad’s voice came through, young girl; see me when you are free.
I instantly asked. What for? Is that how to talk to me. Daddy asked!
Dad I have all the time now, so go ahead, he started walking away, I followed repeating myself, talk to me now, or I will never be free Dad.
Sometimes I wonder if you are even my child, because you are stubborn just like your mum. He said hurting my ego.
That is why I want you out of this house, be prepared to meet your husband and his family tomorrow, he said again with a strong face and walked away, I just rooted at one point and my mouth opened wide.
What next?


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