Episode 7 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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I was so annoyed within myself after what dad said, mum kept smooching my back to remain calm.
Who is he to tell me who to spend my life with; I mean I have my own life to live.I do not need a man to add up to my baggage, some of these men are just out there to hurt you.
As he does to you all the time, Kate that is enough! My mum said with anger. Am sorry mum.
However, that is the truth mum; I do not know why you refuse to see it. I told my mum sternly.
Just tell me what you plan to do now because your dad is not going to take your rebellion this time slightly. He better does mum because I might kill him. You will do no such thing; you want to make me a widow? If it comes to it mum.
You do not know what you are saying she said rather so sure. Mom said. Mom why are you always on his side, I asked sadly but got no answers as usual.
Work the next day was so uncomfortable, as I kept thinking about the pig my Dad is bringing home. James however advised I should move out, which I cannot do leaving my mum behind.
It has been two weeks, and I thought when mum said she will talk to him, she succeeded and the matter had died down. I came back from work one evening, so exhausted to the point that, I just needed to sleep.
As soon as I entered, I saw three figures in our sitting room, at first I thought they were just dad’s friends; I greeted with my head down focused on my phone. Then Dad’s voice startled me.
Young girl, I believe you know how to greet properly; I raised my head that was when I saw him.
I stared confusedly for a while, and then I said sorry, Good evening!
Have a seat; my dad commanded in that his tone. I hesitated for a while, looked at my mum then I sat down.Per our discussion the last time, he is the man I want you to marry. Dad said pointing to his direction.
I did not utter a word, they kept exchanging pleasantries, and when it got to his turn to mention his name, I retorted, we already know each other.
They all glanced back at us, I could not tell which of us they were looking at but I could feel their gazes all over my face.
I heaved a deep sigh, probably staring at everyone seated. Sorry to disappoint you all, there is no way iam going to marry this man w---e here, who follows everything in skirt and takes advantage of innocent ladies.
I finally said, looking in my mum’s direction. I saw the disappointment on her face and I mouthed am sorry in a regrettable manner. She just took her eyes off me as she normally does when she is so pissed off at me.
Kate! My dad shouted, would you shut that your filthy mouth before I do that for you.
What next?


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