Episode 8 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for your
pleasures to learn more from the true life story of a friend.
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You see we have guests, at least keep your opinions to yourself until they leave. What kind of behavior is that, like mother like daughter indeed? Dad said without hiding her rudeness towards me.
I looked at my mum, who was already in tears, I felt guilty.
My supposed husband’s family stood up to leave without a word, and then I heard my dad calming them down.
Mr. Glover as I heard my dad mentioned earlier said he did not come here to be insulted and they are not interested in marrying me anymore. Wilson, we cannot bring someone as rude as your daughter to our house, just then I heard a feeble voice.
I looked to my right side and realized we both were standing which I could not remember why he was standing in the first place so close to my body. At least I remember why I was standing.
Dad she is not that bad, I think I like her already. The gentle man from my one nightstand said rather meekly.
His parent’s mouth just flew open, and I wondered what he is talking about now. His Moms face strikes my memory as someone familiar but I ignored and stared at my mum. I could feel her pain.
Mr. Santa, if you will still have me as your son in-law, I might even marry your daughter today. He said annoying me more. Will you shut that your stinky mouth, I nearly said but decided against it.
Hey Mr. man or whatever you call yourself, stay out of my lane, you think one s-x with you in my vulnerable state makes you that good enough to marry me.
I just heard a sound and by the time I realized, I was holding my cheeks from a heavy slap.I looked round to see who slapped me, just then my dad’s hand flew again towards my face.
However, the gentle man caught it midway.I just took my bag and rushed upstairs in tears. I locked my door securely and planned not to come out, I did not know how the whole drama ended.
Some thirty minutes later, I heard voices and they were increasing seconds by seconds, then I heard my mum scream, I quickly rush down and saw her holding her cheeks, I guess dad slapped her too, I rushed towards her, and I saw dad coming out of the kitchen.
I confronted him, how could you lay hands on my mum, how dare you dad. A woman who stood by you all her life, what has she ever done to you? Who does that, to their love ones? I asked my Dad.
And what makes you think I love this murderer here, he responded. What? You call your wife a murderer. Why sleep with a murderer in the same bed then. I said surprising him, I guess because he looked at me in a way he never did before.
What next?


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