Episode 9 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Young girl, watch your mouth, I do not even know who brought you up this way. Claudia was wrong to leave you in her care; I knew her death would result to this.
He just picked up his phone from the table and walked away. I cursed after my Dads shadow.
I turned to console my mum who was still crying, I tried asking questions but got no replies, Kate don’t pay attention to your dad. He is just in a bad mood today.
Mum, how can you say that? Do not tell me you are going to sleep with this man after all these.
Kate! She called. Mum, okay oo, I have heard you, I responded rather sarcastically.
I know you do not like it when I speak those words in your presence but I cannot help to know that man still sleeps with you, does he even apologize before jumping on you.
You will never change right, No mum, I quickly answered her question. I want you to leave with me. I suggest for the hundredth time to Mom. Kate you know I cannot and for your information, my relationship with your dad is not like what you think.
Then talk to me Madam Catherine, I will when you stop being rude to him and what was that all about today, you know we have guests and you can’t keep your mouth shut but to insult them.
This should be your last time; it breaks my heart when you do that. Mom said trying to hide her tears and pain.
Sorry mum, I will try my best, but you should know I also would not marry that b-----d.
She inquired to know what went on between us, and I told her the events of that day.
That is divine fate; I just hissed and left her in the sitting room. Goodnight mum, am not sure you are even going to sleep. I winked and left.
Waking up, I felt my head aching, I was sure it was due to the slap, but then I also stayed awake chatting those three about the new turn of events, though I did not add the fact that, the supposed husband is the man from the bar.
They just teased.That trio just have a way of making me feel complete.
What next?


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