Episode 36 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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It looked like nectar took care of me medically. How are you feeling, can you feel the children? Nectar asked with worry written on his face. I just nodded to the affirmative.
I want to check if you don’t mind, he asked, I just rolled my eyes and I saw him with his kits checking me out. Thank God, he murmured. You are fine Kate; will you care for your food now. I just nodded. I heard nectar saying from a distance.
He has been in a good mood, since after the incident with Matts. It has been close to a month now; mum has refused to talk to me.
My stomach is growing gradually; I have not been to work in a month. Stacy comes over with drake to handle paper work. Drake has been very helpful, handling work for me. I have not seen Matts around lately.
I managed to ask her mum over dinner. Oh that girl, she has gone to visit the dad, she claims she needs some time away from here.
“I later asked myself why I was even asking about her in the first place”.
Wifey, I heard nectar called out, smiling as she if he just won a lottery. “I asked myself is he dreaming”?
I managed to turn to his direction; I want us to go check our new house out. Gent…. You mean nectar, he quickly said, yeah I replied. I think I will pass, then his smile vanished, I saw his mum excusing us.
What point of don’t ask me for permissions like a child do you not understand, you keep following me everywhere like, a puppy following the mother dog.
When will you make time for a new doctor to start seeing you, it has been over a month Kate? What did I just say; let me handle my own issues, okay love, he responded rather calmly.
I just hissed. Unknown number calling, “I thought who could this be.”
Kate, its Annette, eve is on the other side. Hi Kate, I think that was eve, Hi, I sighed and responded. Can we see you like today, Annette said cheerfully. Sure! You know where to find me, I said and hanged up; I was surprised I was calm over the call.
“I would have lashed out on them some few weeks ago, I thought to myself”. I think Matts has given me the clarity I need, but it still doesn’t give them the privilege to betray our friendship codes.
Trust us if we say we had no idea she was going to do that, yes we knew about the escapades. However, you were too engrossed in your relationship that we did not want to cause you another one. Can we go back to our friendship days, we miss you. Eve finally stopped talking for once since they came over to the house.
I was deep in thoughts, “why did I even agree to this meeting”. Moreover, eve keeps flipping her hands for me to notice her ring, what the hell, I kept saying in my mind.
Annette on the other hand looks so apologetic unlike those days, she is someone who never says sorry. Kate, are you with us, I heard eve’s voice. Then I heard another voice, Wifey are you okay!
Yes, how is that your problem, I said before I even realized my so called friends were staring at me. Kate, what was that, the poor gentle man was just so concerned, why you suddenly turned pale. Annette cautioned.
You two stay out of this, I snapped at my friends. I think coming here was a waste of time, Annette said and quickly dragged eve along, and I just stared and watched them go.
I decided to see my mum today I grabbed my car keys.
**************************WILSON SANTA
I know you want me to be strong but I am a man does not make me a rock. I am hurting too; I cannot do away with the guilt of losing a wife because of a stupid mistake.
Just one mistake and you are gone. I cannot even look at the fruit of that mistake. She is not to blame. Whom should I blame when you have decided to leave me all alone?
That stupid mother of hers you left her behind for cannot stop playing the homemaker. I am doing what you asked of me, they still leave with me. Your baby girl is all grown up now. I made sure she got married in a good family.
We may not see face to face on a lot of issues but am holding on to the day I join you my dear Claudia. I told you what you suggested was a bad idea. We should have waited.
A man does not cry, but I cry myself to bed every day for the past 27 years. The only joy I knew is I see yourself sometimes in Kate, though I know it is not possible.
Yours is gone. You are gone too far beyond reach. I fail you when I asked you to drive them that night. “What was I thinking; I could have just left my friends to attend to Catherine”.
Now I cannot look them both in the eyes. I see them as mere evils that have plucked you away in your prime. Am sorry I cannot call them family.
Am sure God is punishing me for the way I treated her when all you did was loved her.
I will always love you; he was talking to himself holding his late wife’s portrait. He heard some footsteps and quickly pushed the portrait back to its original place.


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