Episode 37 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Mum, can you at least ask me how am fairing? For what seems like minutes, she spoke up. What is the point of staying angry with you, mom finally said a word? Mom am sorry?
Okay dear, hope you are treating the poor boy with dignity this time. Mom, do you have to ask! Because if I find out you are still that rude to him. I do not know what I will do to you yet, but do not try it.
Have you found yourself another hospital for the antenatal? Mom, I will do that this week please. When I left my mom’s, I pulled up in front of my husband’s house.
“I was not sure what this new chapter of marriage holds for me, but I did give it so much thought on the drive home.”
As it stands now, am stuck in a loveless and no way out marriage. How do I get out without hurting my mum, and he is the father of my children?
Should I stay for these kids to have a father? I look like I could handle myself but I just broke down in tears, holding the steering firmly when I heard a knock on my window.
That was when I realized I parked in front of the gate earlier. I rolled down and saw Matt’s pathetic face. Hello, have you been crying, I quickly adjusted myself and wiped my face with the back of my palm.
“And how is that your business, I yelled out”.
I have been waiting for the past five minutes and it looks like you were out, are you okay Katie! Matts asked.
Tears just started flowing like; I had been saving it for far too long. Katie, what is wrong, open up. My hands were faster than my mind when I rolled the doors down.
It is okay; right there let it all out, I was fighting the urge of pulling out of her arms or staying. Matts has always been great with hugs and consoling. WhatsApp bestie? Do you mind sharing?
I nodded my head like this wasn’t the same girl, I vowed never to talk to. Matts, how do I spend my entire life with a man I don’t love, I do not want to be with him. I asked her avoiding her gaze.
At first, I was only doing this for my mum and dad to let me be, but the contract backfired. What do I do now? How do I get out of it?
You will if you want to Katie, my brother is not that hard to convince. You can get a divorce once you put to bed. Matts said so sure of herself. How? I cannot do that to an innocent man whose children I carry. You know me, am hurting inside. The reason for my rude attitudes lately, but am not that heartless to do that to nectar.
Answer me matts, before I realized, I had let the cat out of the bag? Without knowing it! What? Katie, saint is the father of your twins. Matts snapped now. I could feel the trembling in her voice.
I quickly pulled out of her arms, after I realized what I said. Yes, and so you plan to turn on me again? No bestie, I have no plans of doing that, but he has the right to know! Matts seems so true this time. What for Matts. I questioned.
You do not know how this will make him happy. If he knows he is having another baby, He will do everything you ask him. What do you mean by another baby? Katie you mean he has not told you. Matts queried!
What is he supposed to tell me? You had better do or I smack your face right now. I raised my head meeting matts gaze now. Saint was married in Germany to the love of his life of ten years. Matts opened up.
What do you mean was? I became so attentive to matts now. I think he should tell you himself, I do not want to prey or scare you. Matts chipped in.
If you want my forgiveness, you had better tell me now. I tried to bribe matts now.
What next?


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