Episode 38 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Has it come to that Katie, yes it has Matts. Kate quickly told matts before she could change her mind.
Nectar was not a violent man, but nobody could tell what the argument was about, at least he still hasn’t told us what their fight was about. His wife slipped and hit herself so hard; rushing to the hospital was a weekend.
Doctors were available; you know you cannot get involved when you are a family to the patient. On rushing his seven months’ pregnant wife to the hospital, he learnt it would take the doctor one hour to reach the hospital, which was outside of a town.
They went on a vacation in a remote town, where the nearest hospital has no doctors on duty during that weekend.
They waited for that hour and no one was showing up, looking at the unexperienced nurses toy with his family, he got into the operating room, being a doctor himself, he tried to save his already dying wife and child.
Which proved futile, he was nearly discredited as a doctor when the two nurses on duty spoke on his behalf; he just tried to save his wife form an incompetent hospital, they confirmed.
Since then he came back home seven years now and opted for weekend shifts at the hospital, he does not mind working throughout the whole week, but he knows the weekend matters. Nectar is a shadow of himself and hence his childish behaviors as you put it always. Kate gave matts a gesture, that says mind your d--n business on that her initial statement.
He might not be earning much, but he chose the smallest hospital just to keep reminding himself of his failure to save his family. You can throw an insult at saint as a woman but he will just smile at you.
He blames himself all the time for that tragedy; he changed his name from saint to nectar, called saint and cannot save his family, then he is no saint, he kept murmuring that for a whole year since he got back, but now the worst is almost over. Matts narrated and paused in between.
I was afraid back there, the last time when he yelled with that tone, Matts resumed with her full gaze on Kate now.
Has he done anything violent to you Katie? Huh! Then I realized I was deep in thoughts again. No he hasn’t, thank you I murmured to Matts.
As we entered, through the gates finally in our rides, all I wanted was to sleep so I can think about my life. Got in and found nectar working on something by his study table.
You are back already, how is your mum, nectar asked Kate. Fine, but please no further questions, I want to sleep, then we can talk. Kate replied her husband.
“Kate saw the surprised gestures written all over nectars face over her first calm conversation with him without yelling, Kate was surprised herself.”
“Who wouldn’t after all that she just heard, she is not that inhumane, she thought to herself once more.”
Okay, wake up in time for dinner, Nectar said smiling childishly again. I just jumped on my bed and slept. Kate woke up to noises; she shrugged and opened her eyes.
I said you should leave her alone, am not sure she would want to see you. Kate heard nectar cautioned Matts.
“Emmm gentle man am still not used to calling nectar by his name.” Let her in, I will be fine with her! Kate said trying to sound free.
Katie, I just came to check on you, I know you will be having a headache by now, am sorry for dropping that bomb on you earlier. Matts said with sincerity in her voice.
That is fine Matts, I guess I had to know. Mum said dinner is ready, so you should come down, she further said this time without any burden.
I will in some minutes, Kate managed to say with sleep burning her eyes up. See you around then. Matts waved and walked away smiling.
Nectar, flashed a confused gaze on me, and back to her sister who was walking out. What is that all about, his eyes were trying to ask Kate. “Mind your own business, gentle man”? Kate said in her head gently.
Washing down after dinner was refreshing, Kate was talking to her mum on the decisions she has made when nectar came in, she watched him wrap up whatever he was doing earlier, washed down and moved to the couch, as he has been doing since after the accident.
What next?


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