Episode 40 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Did you guys have a fight Katie, I worry because am responsible for his recovery since he got back from Germany, but you are in this with him now, I think you should know. Matts asked with so much worry.
Anything out of the extraordinary you let us know. Matts was sounding so scary now. Is there something else you are not telling me here Matts, I will not be of much help if am not aware of what I have married.
How do I handle it, Matts? Kate further probed when she realized matts was not ready to open up.
You know he is my stress; I could barely handle his childish behavior, so talk to me. Any mental problem, is he harmful? “Kate said so loud now to draw matts attention”.
Katie, how could you refer to a human being that way, I know you don’t love him but please, He is nothing like that; he only has sleepless nights, with the memories rushing back in. Matts narrated quickly with regrets enveloping her face.
Thank God, that I can handle and I did not sack him. He left the room on his own ask him why? Kate assured Matts. Sorry I lashed out on you, matts also replied.
“Katie sorry I was just concerned”. The girls are coming over to help pack up today, hope you don’t mind, matts asked Kate.
We moved in our own apartment, three blocks from my old house, that I was grateful. The time with the girls was a success, “though they keep talking too much”. Kate thought to herself.
I was sleeping throughout; nectar was doing the heavy lifting, which I admired with the corner of my eyes, all sweaty and shirtless. “I smiled to myself in between my thoughts”. Then I realized I was pretending to be sleeping when I was actually thinking about my husband’s shirtless body.
I woke up at a point and the girls were gone. Kate, I managed to cook, you can try if you don’t like then we go out for dinner, I heard nectar say.
Am not sure I want to eat any sick food, besides am not hungry. Of course I didn’t say that aloud.
I just want to sleep, I managed to take the insults off my mind and then said something appreciative to nectar; okay I will join you soon, nectar replied.
Your stuffs are in the other drawer, I found myself admiring the outcome of the room. What else is nectar not good at, I murmured to my belly.
Admiring my yet protruded belly, these twins are doing a number on me, I spoke to no one in particular one early morning while still laying on my bed like a lazy girl. I keep sleeping off at work, and everywhere. “Kate was still in deep thoughts when nectars voice startled her”.
Your breakfast is in the microwave; will you want to take it in bed? Nectar said softly to his wife. You don’t give up right, is today not Saturday, why are you not at work? Kate questioned nectar with anger.
If I need food I will get to the kitchen, she said rudely again. “You do not need to stress yourself Kate; you know our children are growing fast”.
Just let me help, give me a chance please. Kate I know you don’t like me that much, but allow me to take care of you, when you put to bed, you can do whatever you want.
“I said I don’t want anything from you, what part of that phrase don’t you understand.” I couldn’t manage saying that to his face again, after seeing the sorrow look he put on earlier.
Kate, why are you so bitter towards me, I mean I married you because I like you. What do I have to do so you can cut me some slack?
I want you to leave me alone that is what I want. You men are all the same, I give you an opportunity and you end up turning my life into another mess. What shows you are different. She finally asked and tried to get out of bed.
Would you ever like me, it has been a month since we moved in together. Married for two months and you still give me this attitude; we have not even had our first night yet.
Really, so you think am a fool to sleep with you again, with this pregnancy. I don’t want to sleep with you because I met you at a bar, but because you are my wife. Nectar said rather sadly.
What wife? You forgot this is only on paper right! Kate chipped in, laughing now hilariously. I thought your dad said….Nectar was about to say something. My dad, said what? Kate interjected again.
Why am I even having this conversation with you, Kate stood up from the bed to walk out when nectar held her, and turned her around facing his face.
“I couldn’t tell what he was trying to do but we were suddenly searching each other’s eyes”. Then Kate’s phone rang, Mom I was just about to call you. She walked out and found nectar following her; she waved him a hand rudely.
Keisha! Keisha! Keisha am sorry please. I woke up and found nectar rolling on the bed, sweating profusely.
To be continued!


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