Episode 46 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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I cannot lose both husband and wife under my care. He tried walking away, and I held on to his white robe. Will he make it? He nodded. Kate sighed and rested her head gently on the pillow. Kate you have to stop worrying.
Yes, nectar’s mom chorused. Okay mom, Kate said faintly. We need to get home now; I will bring you some food later. Matts will stay here with you until your mom arrives. I totally forgot about my mom. Thank God, she is coming over. Kate sighed.
Matts, have you seen your brother yet. Kate managed to say. Are you sure he will make it? Not again Katie. Matts snapped. Matts, is it a crime to know how the father of my children is faring. Do not forget he is my husband. Kate said and rested her head gently.
Yes, I know, you do not need to remind me. Matts said. Then start talking, you know I have the right. Kate said inquisitively.
Katie, he is out of danger now, however they will let us see him tomorrow. His surgery was successful, take it easy. Matts sighed and said. Thank you, Kate replied with emotions written over her face.
Hey, baby! Am so sorry I was not here. Hi matts. Kate’s mom said when she made her way towards kate’s bed.
I nearly cried on her but I was trying to be strong. I can’t explain what I was feeling at that very moment, since from the happenings of the last nine hours.
Mom, what should I do? Baby, you need to get some rest. We will talk later; I need to let your Dad know you are not well, he has travelled. As if, he cares. Kate said frowning. Silly girl, get some rest. Kate’s mom said with humor.
She walked out and I saw Matts dozing off on a chair in a corner. She must be tired but she has a lot to explain.
“Matts, I called silently for close to a minute. Matts jumped to her feet, Katie are you all right. She asked instantly.”
Yes, I just want us to talk about Mandy. Kate asked while checking her forehead with the back of her palm, probably to check her temperature. Really, you want to talk about that now Katie. Matts popped up her eyes in tremor.
How can you be thinking about Mandy right now? I thought that few hours ago you were the same wife worried about her husband. Were you acting out there earlier? If you were, then you should quit your job already and join Hollywood. Matts kept blowing out of proportion.
Sorry, asking about Mandy does not mean, I don’t care about what happens to nectar. I just thought this is the right place to talk about what else you have been hiding from me, as Mandy was in my office few days ago, swearing you have been keeping some secrets. Kate tried to explain herself.
“Katie you are unbelievable, and Matts walked out.”
I did not see her until morning. Mom have you heard anything yet about nectar. I heard he is out of danger. I flung a sigh of relief. Am glad to know you are worried about him for once. Mom please, I have a headache do not start please. Mother and daughter kept talking.
How is my favorite patient doing today? Doctor Sylvester peeped in. I think I will be fine once I get to know my children are fine. Alright, that is good. Will send someone in to get some test done. If everything is okay, you can go home today.
Meaning I don’t, need that procedure you talked about right? Kate asked with much concern. Yeah, probably! Doctor Sylvester smiled and I saw his dimple.
Mom has Matts arrived yet. Kate asked when the Doctor left. No have not seen her yet my dear. Catherine replied. I did some few tests later and I heard nectar was feeling better already. They are just waiting for him to wake up from his sleep.
After a day and a half, they discharged me and mom took me home. I got home and I heard he woke up. I just said a silent prayer, whatever that means, I wasn’t sure.
Was not so eager to go see him when my mum asked. I have my own health to take care of, besides am not sure what I should tell nectar when I see him. I wonder where Matts went.
Mom! I can do that myself, do not stress yourself, mom said trying to serve me lunch. Your husband said I should take good care of you. When did he say that? I retorted! I visited him today. Okay, I want to get some rest mom. Kate, you have not asked how he is doing. Mom you just said that yourself, when you said he asked of me.
It means he is better. Treat him with care when he gets home. Okay, can I sleep now? I was sleeping on the couch after mom fed me up with vegetables, when the door opened. How did they drive in and I didn’t hear a thing? I quickly tried standing up to adjust myself.
No one bothered to tell me he was coming home. I gave my mum an accusing face and greeted nectar’s parents standing in the middle of the room.
Dad you and mum can go, you do not need to stay. Already Matilda is suffocating me in this house, if I need anything, I will call. Nectar said looking in my direction and his smile disappeared.
I was standing in one corner looking straight ahead, stealing glances at the drama unfolding in my house. Looks as if they are ignoring my presence on purpose. His mum finally asked how I was doing.
Then Matts came in with some few things from outside. With all their noises, they finally left. Soon after my mum left.
Matts was upstairs with nectar when I entered. I was really feeling guilty as if I was the one who poisoned him. I could not look him in the eyes. I went to sit on the couch with my hands supporting my jaws trying hard not pay attention.
I could see from one corner of my eyes, whiles nectar gives his sister the “what’s going on look” and matts tries not to pay attention to my presence.
I finally gave up. The one person I could talk to in this whole house is ignoring me now. Matts can I talk to you, I finally said. If it is about your ex-boyfriend again, am not ready to hear that. Matts responded.
“Nectar glared at me, and sent his eyes back to what he was doing earlier”.
As you can see, am busy. Someone needs to take care of your husband so he does not end up under the knife and the theatre table again.
Really and what is that supposed to mean. Did I poison him and then waste my time worrying about him to the extent of nearly losing my children? Who does that?
Fine. If you are done, you can get out of my room. I have things to do. Kate said and walked out while banging the door so hard.
How did I get that strength? I know Matts is just trying to avoid the topic. I didn’t know when I dozed off, but woke up to due to my tommy making serious.
I got something fixed up from the kitchen and went back to my room, hoping he would be asleep, found nectar asleep. I sighed a silent Thank Goodness.
I was about fixing my pajamas while sitting on the edge of the bed when I caught his gaze on me. Covering myself with the duvet quickly, I think shyed him a little and he turned to the other side of the bed.
I quickly rushed the PJ over my legs and the shirt over my head, and then lied down facing his back. As if he knew I was facing that side, he quickly turned before I could switch back. I was about to when he managed to say DON’T.
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