Episode 49 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written
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My mother in law opened the door and ushered me in. You did not come with your wife. She had no idea I came here Mum. Nectar said in reply to Catherine’s question.
Come in, hope all is well, she said while handing me a glass of juice. I admire this woman so much. From what I heard from my Dad, she has taken a lot of harsh treatments form Mr. Santa but still does not want to leave him.
“I hope she forgives me for what am about to do. I was in deep thought.”
Nectar, are you okay. You look lost. Is my daughter okay? Catherine asked so worried. Yes, mom, I just came to ask you for your permission for some other matter.
Permission to do what. Catherine asked again adjusting herself this time to look directly at Nectar. Mom am tired of her attitudes. I cannot take it anymore. Nectar said slowly.
I want a divorce, I believe she will jump to that since her ex fiancé is back in town and she has started seeing him again. What are you talking about nectar? Mandy is out? OMG! Catherine said almost standing up. And you feel threatened, is that it nectar? Catherine asked calmly.
Already your daughter has no feelings for me, she disrespects me all the time and I just close my eyes and swallow her words. But what I can’t take is to look over my shoulder all the time, when she goes out, wondering if she is meeting up with Mandy.
I came to understand she is addicted to her ex. If it were just mere love, I could manage but not an addiction. I want to let her go. I have much respect for you so please do not stop me mom.
Nectar tried to wipe the single drop of tear on his cheeks. Are you sure that is what you want my boy. Catherine tried to confirm. Not really, but I have nothing else to loose, he replied.
Please forgive me and understand. I wished she were like you, so calm and understanding. You have my permission but always here if you need to talk. Catherine sighed with so much difficulty written on her face.
Have you told my husband yet? Yes, he said he is fine with that! And I should tell her not to come back to his house. Nectar narrated. Thank you my so much Nectar, let me know when to come in once she decides.
Hey Scottish gentle man. How are you? Finished drinking your life out. Kate said to Drake. I will leave you two to talk. Matts said and cat walked out. For a moment, I thought I saw a reaction from Matts, which surprised me but I quickly brushed it aside.
Kate am sorry. Hope I did not hurt you and Matts the last time you came over. Drake asked with regrets. Oh, you have done more than that. Kate said trying to tease the poor boy obviously burning with love.
Please am sorry. I just can’t seem to forget you and I blame myself for this mess of a marriage I allowed you to sign up for. I love you; I have loved you for a very long time, am sure before we even met. Drake said with his emotions almost failing him.
What do you mean before we even met? Am sure I only met you the day I bumped into you. Anyway, Drake. I love you, but not like that. We can’t have anything aside our friendship.
Am where I have to be, if I ever leave here, am not sure I can end up with you. I love our friendship I tell you everything. And I love it to stay that way; besides what life will I be giving to my children when I separate them from their father.
Kate you know I can be a father to these children. No you cannot, you wanted me to abort this pregnancy before I could even tell you nectar is the father of my children. But nectar on the other hand accepted responsibility at first hand, without even knowing he is the father. That is the difference between you two. How would you love them after wards, knowing you didn’t want them in the first place?
What? Nectar is the father. How? Drake asked surprised. Yes, he was the gentle man I slept with from the bar; fortunately, he happens to be the man Daddy wanted me to marry. Kate said honestly.
So you knew along and you kept it from us. Drake asked angrily now. I did not want you trio to start judging me. Kate confirmed.
When have we ever judged you? Please give me a chance to make this right. I love you to the extent I could kill for you. Nectar suddenly said.
I then flared up. Maybe you should kill yourself then. This part of Drake I haven’t seen before. Drake’s eyes were turning red now.
“This dude must have really felt something strong for me to make him so weak and destroyed this way.” Drake, take it from me. Am not capable of love anymore. Kate said instantly.
Lies, so what do you call what you were doing with Mandy in that bar. What could a married woman be doing with his ex in secluded places?


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