Episode 50 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written
for your great pleasures to learn from the true life story of a friend.
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Kate was taken by surprise; how did he know about Mandy? I was in my own thoughts when Drake spoke up. Oh, you think I don’t know, he snapped.
How dare you drake! Were you spying on me? Who made you my bodyguard? Get out of my house. Oh really, am even on my way, this house you call your own.
Keep parading yourself with that sick dude you call a husband. Mental illness runs in the family. I pity the innocent children you are bringing into this world. I hope they do not inherit any mental ishh.
Huh! I just slumped in the couch and I saw Matts rushing to me. Drake walking away. I recommend Doctor Sues. He banged the door so hard and walked out of the door.
This is my best friend, I tell him everything but because I do not feel what he feels, he had the nerves to treat me awful. How did he even know about nectars illness?
Matts did you tell him anything. I saw the way you were looking at each other lustfully earlier. Really, you are putting that on me now. I hardly know the dude. Matts replied cheerfully.
I love my brother; I have been keeping this secret long before you came along. Maybe you spilled the beans yourself. He is your best friend remember? Matts rubbed in with jealousy beaming from within her.
No, I would never do that. I am sorry. Just so surprised with his words. Kate said with empathy. Maybe Doctor sues told him matts said.
No doctor sues is a psychologist he recommended I see after I could not take the betrayal from you and Mandy. I remember I was not able to see her.
Just then, nectar walked in. Handed an envelope to me. Matilda help her read that incase she is too proud to read, he said. Then he walked upstairs, and we both looked at each other thinking what was in the envelope.
Bring that; Let me see what your dearest husband bought for you now. It is mine so I should be opening. Matts and Kate kept tossing from one end to another like children.
I nearly collapsed on seeing the contents; Matts quickly grabbed it from me while holding me down. A divorce? How? Why? Matts kept asking.
“She left me on the couch, and went after him. I could hear them screaming at each other.”
How dare you, was that why you side lined me for this past days. You think I would have you or another man break her heart again.
Be sensitive a little Saint, what is wrong with you. She has been through enough already. You have been there too; you should know better.
You think she decided to be like that herself; it took men like you to turn her into what she seems now. Do not add up to it. Be a man enough, take charge of your home, and stop behaving like a small kid.
You want to lose another child, No two children with that stunt you pulled out there. She could have miscarried out there and another blood will be on your head. You want that right. Keisha will not forgive you.
“Matts kept talking whiles nectar kept strolling with his hands in his pocket.”
As if Matts touched his nerves, he became so furious within himself and his eyes looked like he was ready to kill me right there.
How dare you bring my past out. I hate you for this Matilda. You want me to keep leaving with a woman whose heart belongs to another.
She does not respect or see me as her husband. What do you expect I do? Tell me, her dearest addiction is back, they can reunite.
For five months, I waited hoping she would come around, at least not to tell me she loves me but care a little about my well-being but she prefers riding all over town with his work and friends.
That is not even the issue, how do I contest with Mandela, what I have learnt the last time she practically used and raped me is one hell of a love story. She will never be mine. Admit that Matts.
I admit but I want you to reason for yourself. You think I am in this house because I just don’t have a job or a place to stay. I came here because she cared enough to let me know your episodes have started.
He gave me an, I don’t know what you are talking about gesture.
To be continued!


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