Episode 51 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written
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Yes, don’t give me that look. We never wanted to tell you anything. Mum will kill me if she knew I told you. Matts said angrily to nectar.
What episodes Matilda? Nectar asked confused. You are a mess and you are not aware, just like Kate, you both have issues. Matts was walking out when nectar called her back in a faint tone.
“Matilda is it that bad. Save me the embarrassment and tell me already.” Nectar asked matts sadly.
Saint, talk to your wife. Matts rather said instead of telling nectar what he wants to know. That would not change my mind, nectar said with much assurance. Nectar i know you are too stubborn to change your mind over an illness. Don’t worry you are not dying now. Matilda said sarcastically.
“Matts rushed down from the room and listened in on Kate’s conversation. I believe that is her mom.” She told herself while descending gradually.
Mom, I will be fine. Don’t worry about me. My life is a shamble right now but I still have my children. You are coming with me this time around. Kate managed to make a joke with her Mom over the phone.
Matts looked and realized somehow within her friend was hurting a lot. She might look like, a spoilt brat but the Katie she knew treats men with so much love and dignity. Not what she has reduced herself to. Matts kept thinking but didn’t hesitate to curse Mandy with every word that came to her mind.
Hey, are you all right? Matts asked the obviously broken Kate. Why should I be worried? Kate replied!
Am glad, you know you can talk to me right. Matts replied and sat closer and gave Kate a tight hug, and then Kate broke down.
Was it my fault! Is love by force? Why is my own life different? Kate lamented amidst tears.
No, you are not my dear. Look at me, Matts held up her face disengaging from the hug. You are the best. Just give yourself a chance Katie. Matts advised.
Am sure nectar knows you don’t love him but he just needs a little respect from you. What do you mean Matts? Katie am sure you know what I am talking about. Matts said giving Kate a smile.
What is the point Matts, nectar has made up his mind already? I will just have to sign this now. Kate grabbed the divorce paper beside her. No, you don’t have to Katie, matts said instantly grabbing the document from her hands.
Do you want to stay? Matts asked weirdly. Kate nodded her head shyly. Then go in there and talk to nectar. And say what exactly Matts.
I trust you Katie you know what to say. Now go, I will be just sit on the couch here and wait for you so we celebrate.
Kate saw herself standing up lazily; she looked back at Matts, wiped her tears and sniffed. Matts I am scared of his reaction. Then she walked back to the couch. Katie let me take you to him, Matts said to her friend and dragged her slowly towards nectars room. “Matts finally saw her to the door and left.”
Nectar was dressing up, probably about to leave again when he heard the door open but he ignored. Kate stood in one corner of the room and didn’t know where to start from.
“she gave a little prayer; Matts come help me out here”. She was deep in thoughts and then realized nectar was walking to the door.
Ne…C… Tar, can we talk please. Nectar stopped in his track, tried to look back but walked on. Please I don’t want the divorce; neither do I want to leave this marriage. Kate said with a lot of struggle, breaking in between with her eyes closed. She thought to herself the difficult part is over and opened her eyes.
I think I caught his attention. Kate said in her head now gazing at the ceiling. Nectar retracted his steps back. There was silence suddenly, Kate sighed heavily.
I said I don’t want a divorce Say something, Kate pleaded with her emotions.
Nectar looked to Kate’s direction. And I want a divorce so; you had better sign that paper before I get back. He said avoiding her gaze, which betrays how he actually felt.
Kate saw him from the corner of her left eye walking away again; She knew she had to say something before she loses all this.
“The twins are yours” . Kate said before she came to her senses.
What did you say? Nectar said almost having a nervous breakdown. I said the only thing keeping me here are your children. Kate reframed her sentence.
I know they are mine. At least I love them as if they are mine, unlike your Dad. Nectar said assuming that was what Kate was referring to.
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