Episode 53 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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What is she doing here? How did she know where I went? Kate kept murmuring. Pack your things young woman.
How could you be running around town with those innocent children? Catherine asked angrily.
Do you think that was how I treated my marriage? If I had, would you have gotten a stable life? You do not leave your marital house when things get tough. Do you know what I have to endure for your sake? I endured all the hitting’s, and insults for you. Catherine said managing a breath.
Get up let’s go, Catherine said pulling Kate’s ear so hard that she couldn’t help but struggle to get free from her mom’s punishment. Mom it hurts, Please I am pregnant, don’t forget that Mom, Kate said yelling at her Mom who hasn’t let go of pulling her ears, but then had to release her when Kate kept whining about the babies’ health. Anthon and James, stood far behind laughing.
Now let’s go, Catherine said again. Mom am going nowhere. You see that is the difference between you and me. You chose the abusive part. You decided to stay when you had all the chance to leave.
You don’t expect me to stay when he doesn’t want me to. You always don’t have to keep fighting for things that are bound not to work out.
You leave where there is no peace. By the look of things, nectar has made up his mind. I don’t know what the deal is with you and Dad but it is okay if you leave him. Am all grown up now? Kate said with lots of emotions.
After all, you did not give birth to me, so why hold on to someone not related to you unless there is something else you are not telling me. Kate told her mom expecting an answer.
Kate, I said pack your things up. If you don’t want to go back to nectars, you can come back home. Catherine said ignoring her daughter’s curiosity.
For what, so Dad would keep treating me like crap while holding you as an advantage. I will stay put here. Kate said stubbornly. How did you become this stubborn all of a sudden? Catherine said sarcastically.
“Mom tell me if my stubbornness is not from my late mom. Granny said so. Kate joked.” She smiled and relaxed while Kate led her to have a seat. Mom I love you but I can’t do what you are asking me.
What if nectar asks you to come back, will you? Catherine asked dropping a hint.
I will cross that bridge when I get there. Kate smiled and said. Mom do not worry, am fine here. Getting my place soon. Kate emphasized.
Besides nectar is too hurt to ask me to come back. And that was my fault, I can’t see myself loving him yet but I wished I had just kept my head down and enjoy him treat me like a queen, though he behaves childishly sometimes which irritates me. Well that’s all over now mom, am moving on. Kate said smiling.
Childish but I believe deep down you were okay he doesn’t give you any pressure. Catherine chipped in. “Yes, I always thought I was lucky, but I couldn’t loosen up to him.” Kate confirmed.
That is just by the way, I have to get going now. Your Dad is coming home tonight. You know how he is like when am not at home to attend to his needs. Catherine said just in time to meet Kate’s angry gaze.
What needs are those. It is not as if you even sleep with him, so what extra needs does he have. Kate asked expecting an answer.
Look at you. See me off. You are not getting anything from me this time. Catherine said and they both managed a laugh.
Have you found out who she is yet, Wilson asked his guest, who he has paid to find out the whereabouts of his illegitimate daughter. No the medium aged man with his oversized coat and trousers sitting on the other side of the table with Kate’s Dad said with sweats rushing down his face.
“You mean you can’t find one tiny human being.
Wilson snapped.”
Sir Wilson, i have combed the whole of Georgetown but to no avail, the mail sent to you hasn’t given much details besides, it’s out-of-date. We need something current to work with. If possible an image. Wilson’s private investigator said confused.
But I gave you the names of my concubines, that way you can find out whose child I fathered. Wilson said looking so furious now. You squeeze all this money out of me and you haven’t even given me one good news yet, not to even talk of getting a new attire to look a little professional. Wilson accused.
Look sir, I think I want to quit, I have been chasing one ghost for eleven good years but to no avail. I am doing my best here, give me credit for that. At least now you know whoever you are looking for is in Georgetown per the mail you received on the attack on Kate and her friend. The bulgy man said with his sweats almost vanishing from his face.
Wilson nearly lost it, whatever you call yourself, send me the details of your outcome so far and I will hire someone good enough to trace down the whereabouts of my other daughter before she kills her sister.
“Wilson went straight ahead to his room and met Catherine waiting patiently with her hands over head.”
What did you find out Wilson! Catherine instantly asked her husband when he got in. Wilson am asking you a question here, that’s my daughter and you know that, so I have the right to know who is after her life. Catherine said and paused expecting Wilson to say something.
Wilson just pushed her aside while she struggled to get hold of her bedstead. Wilson you and your illegitimate daughter won’t kill me or Kate. You better tell me who she is or I tell Kate everything.
“Are you threatening me now, Wilson spoke for the first time since he got back.” Yes I am, considering the fact that you have refused to do anything about your relationship with Kate and just about to allow her half-sister ruin her life. If anything happens to my daughter again, I kill you and your other daughter. Take that from me. Catherine was so furious now, not minding she is talking to her husband the man she fears most.
Look, you think I go out every time I receive that threat in my mail, just to sit somewhere. Kate I may not have accepted as my own yet, but that doesn’t make me any heartless. I am doing my best to protect that manner less daughter of yours, so don’t provoke me. Wilson said angrily.
And you think it’s my fault that you hate your own blood? Or probably I brought her up alone, if you were around to teach her some manners she wouldn’t turn out as what she is now. To think you only sleep with those night workers just to piss me off, you actually own them.
Catherine revealed.
Get out of my way now before I lose it, you know what will happen when I do. Wilson said fiercely. Catherine quickly loosened up and gave him way.
What happened! Andy asked fiercely looking at the lady in white who came to him some weeks ago with a deal. “I believe you know one Kate Santa. Yes, Andy replied. Okay good, I have a score to set with her. Let’s work together then.”
Andy tried to remember the lady who with some weird reasons she has refused to disclose wants to kill a harmless Kate. He was not in support then, but he needs the money and had to look sharp.
Andy, are you with me! She prompted. Yes, I am with you, Andy replied.
So what’s the next step now. Andy further asked thinking of how to swindle this lady. Let’s talk indoors then, the lady with Andy smiled rather sheepishly.
Can we talk Kate; “I can’t believe am even answering this call in the first place”. Are you there Kate, yes am here. I said could we talk.
“We are already talking nectar. Just say whatever you want to and get off my line.” Kate said pretending not to be glad he called.
Look woman, you better give me some sort of respect. Nectar yelled.
Don’t forget you are carrying my babies. And don’t take my silent this time as my weakness, I can be rough if I want to but you happen to be someone who has gone through enough already so I gave you some freedom.
“He said with some manly tone that calmed me”.
Now answer me, can we talk. Don’t bother, I don’t need your permission this time. We are doing it my way now. Come to the house this evening, Matts will be picking you up. Nectar ordered.
“I can come myself, no need worrying Matts, Kate said rather silently.”
Did I hear you say something now? Nectar asked pretending not to have heard Kate’s answer. He asked rather assuming. No, I just coughed. Kate said amidst a smile.
Anthon and James were so sad to see me leave. Drake on the other hand avoided me throughout my rest of the stay.
I looked back while trying to fix my seat belt and my eyes fell on my bag at the back seat. Matts, what sort of game are you both playing with me?
What is it Katie? Matts asked! My bags are following me. Kate said as if she’s not happy to be going back home. Yes, they are! Matts said trying not to sound sarcastic.
“Why? I remember I was to come alone not with my bags, Kate said sternly! “
Well something else contrary to that, nectar asked me to do. Matts replied. Besides, if you are coming alone, why is this big thing in front of you following you? Matts said again smiling.
“Matts respect my babies. I am Katie; you are reacting for no reason. She said.”
Just hear what he had to say, if you do not like it, you could leave with your bags. Please do me a favor, if he asks of you to stay, please Katie do so. Matts was pleading now with her whole strength.
Why? Kate asked Please you will figure that out later. I contacted Mandy as you asked am looking into the emails for you.
So is he telling the truth? Kate couldn’t stop feigning inquisitiveness. Yes, it looks like it. Then there is something else; you have to talk to your mom. She was also involved with the Prison officer. Matts said blankly.
Huh! Kate was surprised. For now, sort this thing out with your husband first, matts advised.
Are you just going to be staring at me? Should I go back to where I came from? Kate found herself asking nectar when she entered her matrimonial room once again. The room hasn’t changed that much.
You dare not walk out of here with my children. Just be ready to stay for the children as you said a week ago. If you still want to leave after giving birth you can but not with my twins.
What do you mean by that? This is not Ghana, where we hail from. This is George Town. This is UK, am sure the judges would not hesitate to give me custody of my kids when I tell them about your episodes. Kate snapped with a motherly instinct.
Am sorry Kate, it came out the wrong way. Am I asking you for too much here. I just want to be able to wake up beside you and my kids jumping about. Nectar pleaded.
Leave me the hell alone. Kate nearly said out aloud but kept it to her mind. You know I never wanted any of this, so kindly do not push yourself on me. She said calmly.
That is all I ask of you. For my life, it is never going to recover but am already here so do not give me any unnecessary pressure.
Am already handling two. And I am sorry for been the stubborn wife, I imagine that was though on you and I am not about to ask you to forgive me. Kate finally sighed.
Is that all. I think I can manage that but you should also know i am a man with emotions. I have feelings too.
I should be yelling or probably beating you up now, but that’s not the way to win your love.
I figured you just had a hard time opening up to men since you were raised by a woman but give me a chance let me be that father or man you never had. Will you?
Nectar narrated and asked waiting for an answer, but when he wasn’t getting any he did what he always wanted to do.
I was wondering what he was talking about, then I felt his hand raising my head up. For a moment, I wanted to resist, but nectar’s other hand was busy caressing my hair.
“What do I have to lose anyway? Let me allow myself to swim in his arms. Kate thought!”
After all we are married, I must as well enjoy the s-x and pretend there are no feelings attached since that seems not to be possible with this heavy burden on my heart and my lust for another man.
What are you thinking now? Emmm nothing!
Are you sure? Should I stop, nectar asked Kate who was staring shyly into his eyes? Yes, stop.
Can I at least kiss you? Please! I did not even know when I closed my eyes and gave nectar permission to proceed.
What next?


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