Episode 54 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Kate felt nectars wet lips on hers, and slowly gave in and vice versa. For close to two minutes, he was everywhere.
His emotions were out of place and he was making headway with the pleasures they both needed by touching the right places, when a knock came on the door. He jumped to his feet like a cheating husband caught by his wife.
“Who is there, Katie are you okay in there. Matts asked concerned.”
“Matilda go away. I heard nectar shout and interrupted. “
“Saint I need Katie now with something urgent.”
What is that? Nectar asked. Katie I have a lead on that mail we talked about the last time. Matts shouted to me.
Nectar shoved me an eye. Please can we continue this later, Kate asked nectar who just nodded his head. Kate quickly rushed herself downstairs.
Meet my Confidential Informant. Matts introduced!
Okay! Tell me the anonymous person behind the username LITDEVIL5. Kate asked rather in a hurry to go back upstairs.
You will not believe this. I think you need to sit down for this. Kate forgot she was standing all along.
“Talk Matts, what is it. “ Kate asked curiously.
Drake set you up. Huh! No way.
Yes way Katie! He did everything electronically and hired Bradley who initially was just in for the money but well you know how that story ended.
When he realized he was getting so close to liking you, he had to get him off the way that was when the murder and rape story of the girl came about.
No, I refuse to believe this. Why would he do that? Kate just lost appetite for whatever she was in a hurry to go back to. Let me call him, She said in a rush.
No you will do no such thing, we have to thread carefully. Allow me handle this mess, while you have all the time to fix your marriage. Matts offered.
“Thank you Matts we shook hands with the C.I and he walked out.”
Kate how is that going up there with you two. Matts asked pointing to the direction to which I was headed earlier before she stopped me.
Matts let me gist you later, Kate replied grinning.
Okay but I hope you are not planning to tell him anything yet. Matts asked.
Of course, Yes, I have to. I can’t start this new journey on secrets and lies. Kate said shaking her head to agree she has made the right decision.
What was that all about? Nectar asked when Kate entered her matrimonial room.
I didn’t see the need to answer him right at that moment when all I was thinking about was the kiss earlier, but yes, I have to start giving him the benefits of the doubt.
“I think you might not believe me, but then you ask Matts.” Kate said having second thoughts.
Kate I think I can trust you, so talk. If you are not ready to then fine. Nectar said honestly.
Sleeping on the other side of the bed, he came in smelling like fresh water. That earlier was about Mandy, Kate examined the look on nectars face.
It’s not what you think please. Kate said politely. I will tell you about it on one condition.
“Which is? Nectar asked curiously. “
Tell me about Keisha, I have the right to know if she has done anything to bring about those episodes. Kate demanded.
Nectar became sad all of a sudden. Heaved a loud and painful sigh and made to talk. How much exactly did Matts tell you? He asked.
“Just about the marriage to how you tried saving Keisha and failed, that is all.”
I think that is it then. Nectar tried to hide the fact that he was not comfortable with talking about his past.
No what happened. Nectar I am trying here to open up, that’s a good thing. Kate said rather shyly.
How am I so comfortable for the past one hour with him? Kate thought!
Keisha and I had a little argument over leaving the Hamptons back home. She wanted to stay but I insisted we go because I had to resume work soon, which I needed to handle some few things beforehand.
Some other words followed and she was angry I already packed up her things, I was wondering why she was taking long to come out of the washroom and when I realized she slipped and was in her own pool of blood. Just a stupid argument, why couldnt i put her need first. I was just stupid then.
And i dont want to make that mistake with you, the reason i paid no attentio to your rudeness. Because i might just commit another murder if i do.
“Nectar finally said with tears strolling down his cheeks.”
Am not sure if I should be holding him in my arms but he quickly said now your turn Kate. I want to hear it all.
After what looks like an hour, I realized I just told him everything about my dad, down to Drake the last fool in love with me.
Thank you for trusting me with this let me know what I can do to help. Nectar finally found his voice and said.
Kate then realized nectar is just an ordinary man who had a bitter experience and may never recover. She kept thinking to herself and longing for that kiss from earlier.
Can we continue what we started earlier? Nectar finally asked! What did we start earlier? Kate pretended not to know.
You sure want me to say it right! Kate feigned a smile at Nectar’s sarcastic question.
I want to kiss you again. Just a Kiss Nectar said grinning.
No gentle man! Am not ready, I don’t want to disappoint you again moaning someone else’s name.
“Over excitement took over Kate’s lips as she cursed herself that instant for refusing that golden opportunity.”
I don’t care Kate; you can even mention Matt’s name that is not a big thing.


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