Episode 56 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Stacy who is chasing you. Is there a problem? Kate asked Stacy who just barged into her office without any notice. Miss am sorry, Stacy apologized looking around as if she lost something.
Stacy you can go! Kate raised her head up from her pile of work and realized she was still standing there looking around her office. Stacy I said you can go.
Probably you want to tell me something. Kate asked wishing she could just open up to her for once, she has always liked Stacy since she came for that interview which she didn’t qualify for in the first place. Kate gave her a job thinking she could make a friend out of her.
Miss have you taken the juice I brought earlier, Stacy asked waking Kate out of her thoughts. No Stacy, it smelled so funny so I dropped it in the bin. Kate said and Stacy sighed a big Thank Goodness. Kate finally dropped her pen.
Stacy are you sure you are fine. Do you need some time off?
No Miss, I just wanted to check if you needed anything. Stacy managed to say covering her tracks. Are you sure, because earlier you look like you had committed a crime. Kate said lost in her thoughts.
I just realized I got the wrong juice type for you and I was scared to tell you, since I have been making many mistakes lately.
Stacy you don’t have to be scared of me at all. I am grateful you are always giving this company your best. Thank you Miss, Stacy smiled after Kate’s compliments.
“She was walking out when she asked Kate a question that she assumed was weird.”
“Miss do you have any siblings? Stacy asked avoiding Kate’s gaze.”
Why did you ask Stacy? I was just curious; you seem to be handling this whole place alone.
Well my mum died before she could give me a brother or a sister, which would have been so nice to have one.
Really! You would love to have a sibling. Stacy asked with excitement. Yeah Stacy! At least I don’t have to stress myself over this company.
“Kate realized Stacy was trying to open up to her, so she invited her over for dinner on Saturday.”
Miss am not sure your husband would like me there. Stacy tried to reject the invitation. Why wouldn’t he want you there? Kate asked wondering what nectar has done now.
The way he was staring at me the last time I brought the documents over, tells me he doesn’t like me that much. Stacy said bluntly.
Ooh common Stacy, I am sure my husband will be just fine with you around. Kate said loosening up. Okay Miss I will think about it.
Nectar woke up soaked in sweat and found himself in Kate’s arm, while she was dozing off. Kate, are you alright, nectar gently tapped her on the shoulder. You are awake, Kate asked with sleep calling her back. Yes, what happened! Nectar asked confused.
Your episodes again, Kate said releasing herself from Nectars grasp. That makes it four days in a row Kate. Nectar said.
Yes, and I think you should consider talking to a Psychologist. Sorry to say this but you need a special kind of help that I can’t offer.
Nectar gave his wife a quick Kiss, got down from the bed and walked straight out of the door.
This is where you are? Kate sighed and asked nectar who directed Kate’s phone in her face.
I thought you cut all ties with your so called ex, so why does he keep calling you. Nectar said trying to control himself.
So you were going through my phone, why didn’t you pick up and ask him why he keeps calling your wife. She hissed and walked down to check on Matts.
Nectar just nodded his head to Kate’s stubbornness.
Mom, stop whoever you sent after Kate. I want to tell her the truth now.
Stacy was sitting with her mother who is so angry her daughter is not thinking straight.
Young woman, if you are tired of this, just allow me handle it and keep your mouth shut. Stacy’s Mom told her daughter sternly.
Mom be careful, because if you are caught, I will deny you, because already investigations are ongoing with the last stunt we pulled. Stacy advised her mom.
Just then, Stacy’s phone rang. Are you coming for dinner this evening? Kate was on the other side of the phone with Stacy.
Sorry Miss, I cant make it! I am stuck with my mom tonight. She explained!
Though I am disappointed, but that’s fine. Kate told Stacy over the phone.
Nectar can I see you for a moment, Matt’s asked nectar who was enjoying an alone time with his wife’s well-prepared lunch. He gets to enjoy that all the time now.
Matilda can you at least let me finish this meal, why are you a torn in my flesh these days. Nectar said trying to finish the last spoon of meal.
“Saint trust me, this one can’t wait, and Katie’s life depends on it now”.
Nectar sprung up from where he sat earlier. Matilda start talking, nectar almost couldn’t control his anger.
She then handed over the envelope to Nectar who quickly glanced through and snapped.
Where did you get this from, it’s outdated. You had this all along and never said anything. Nectar questioned.
Saint Kate was going through a lot already and there was no need for me rubbing in the fact that the only person she trust has been her worse nightmare.
Besides, I have been monitoring her movements, and so far nothing, whatever reasons she did what she did I guess Kate has to handle that herself now.
Handle what myself! Matts and Nectar turned their attention to the door, which was opened when matts came in earlier.
Why are you both looking at me like you were gossiping about me. Kate asked suspecting they are hiding something.
You are back early, what happened. Nectar found his voice. Nectar, that doesn’t answer my question. What should I handle? She asked again.
Ooh that? Matts was suggesting a baby shower and I told her I would let you handle that yourself. Nectar lied.
Oh really, Matts! You are a genius,, but am not stupid to believe the tension that was going on between you two when I came in was about an ordinary baby shower. Kate said with curiosity.
Now someone should start talking before I lose it. Kate threatened. Kate it hasn’t come to that, Lets go to the room and we will talk.
Nectar we are here now and you are not talking. Okay keep it to yourself, let it eat you up. Kate said, flung her wardrobe open and changed up.
She actually came home to relax a little and go back, but at the look of things she cant. She was still thoughts when she felt nectars hands running through her hair.
Nectar stop it, I thought we agreed no secrets from now on. Kate asked. I know but this is a messed up one. Promise me you are going to thread carefully for the sake of the little ones.
Whatever happens she might have a genuine reason, nectar advised Kate who could not handle the truth staring her in the face. She yelled, cried and drifted to sleep.
By the time nectar got back from the washroom, Kate has disappeared, locking nectar in doors. She drove on top speed to her father’s house.
Mum I can’t believe you could mess up my life. I thought my worst nightmare was Dad who never loved me but not my mom who I hold so dear.
You have caused me all these pains and emotional stress all in the name of motherly love.
“Common Catherine am not even your daughter so for whatever reason you did this is still weird”.
I get it, you love me too much, then what! Do you have to drive all the men in my life away, I know am stubborn, you talk and I don’t listen, that doesn’t make you any angel from God.
Did I ever complain to you about any of my boyfriends, how would you even know they are not good enough for me when you keep threatening and paying them off.
“Is that what you use my money for, no wonder Dad doesn’t look after you like he should”.
See am leaving, don’t try anything funny with this one standing here or I will deal with you before you do. Kate said pointing to Nectar rudely.
Kate finally paused, took another stare at her mum who was just sitting quietly listening to her daughter rant over the mistakes she has done just to protect her.
And you Dad, how could you hold this against her, so this is the reason she doesn’t want to leave, what did you threaten her with! Jail time or murder. Kate said pointing her finger in her dads direction.
Now it’s in the open, allow the poor woman leave now. Or there is something else holding her here. Kate stormed out after that statement and nectar followed immediately.
Kate wait, let me drive before you kill us both. Nectar said with concern. Nectar, why did they treat me this way.
I just want a father’s love, which I never got. I found that in my boyfriends, just for my mom to ruin it all.
Do you know how hard it was for me to fall back in love and the men just wake up one day with excuses, you are not good enough, I have found someone else. It was never love; I just needed your money, now I have it.
I woke up today and found out those excuses were plotted by my own mother, a woman I have been living my entire life for.
Kate just fell in nectars arms, and there was silence for a while.
Nectar carried her back into the car after checking her pulse, which indicated everything was fine, then he fished out the car keys from her bag and drove out of the Santa mansion.
Matt’s on your way back home, get someone to drive my car from the Santa Mansion home. Am driving Kate home who rushed out earlier to her mom’s and I had to quickly chase her up.
Is she okay Matt’s asked from the other side of the phone, not now but she will be. Nectar assured her. After some few hours nectar was still waiting for his wife to wake up.
Saint, Matt’s called peeking through the small opening of the bedroom door. Keep quiet and come in already Matts, Nectar said. How bad is it, Matt’s asked.
She is shattered my sister. Relieving the past all over again. Her mom keeps calling, here handle that, am not sure I can, nectar said handing over to Matt’s his wife’s phone.
Finally you are awake, nectar and matts chorused. Nectar tried to touch her and she flared up. Leave me alone. How do I know you haven’t been paid off as well. Get out of my way. Kate yelled.
Found her dress hanged up, quickly wore it and left both Matts and nectar stunned. Don’t try to stop me she said and walked out to the main gate and got a cab.
She gave the driver the direction, and knocked on the gate which finally got opened two minutes after.
Drake please sort out the driver, I don’t have my purse on me. Kate announced after arriving at Drakes end. She knew it was a bad idea but she just wanted to get out of the house and that was the only place she had in mind.
Drake stared confusedly at both the driver and Kate, which he finally paid and closed the gate, ushering Kate in.
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