Episode 59 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written
for your great pleasures to learn from the true life story of a friend.
.No part of it should be reproduced
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Matt’s open up, it’s Kate! Kate said knocking on Matt’s door.
“She woke up lazily from her sleep, opening the door, whiles still holding on to it”.
Katie what’s it, can’t a girl have some a sound sleep. Matt’s asked.
He is on the line for you. Kate said handing her phone over.
Tell Saint I would have to call later on, will get my phone charged and give him a call. Matt’s said without asking who.
Matt’s nectar is upstairs, besides I didn’t say he was the one. Drake said he was trying to reach you since last night.
Matt’s quickly snatched the phone away from Kate and waved her to go away.
Kate just stood by the door watching Matt’s giggle, smile and whisper on the phone.
What’s wrong with my friend? What is Drake telling her that she’s so happy? Kate thought for a while and told herself not to be jealous.
Matt’s when you are done, drop it on the table, I will pick it up, she said and Matt’s waved her once more.
Kate are you sure you don’t need me driving you for your checkup. You look tired for a fresh morning.
Nectar am just not feeling too well. I think I am coming down with something.
Are you sure this has nothing to do with the work load? Nectar asked while checking her wife medically.
Nectar this is no time for jokes, I feel a strong headache taking over my mind. Kate complained.
Take this drug for now and wait let me call Sly and reschedule. The thing is you need rest. Nectar advised as a doctor though he knew what her wife is coming down with after checking her earlier. He just needed to distract her form the truth.
Maybe you should drive me there as you suggested because I might not get a free time soon. Kate announced thinking about her work load.
Okay that been said, let me get ready then. Nectar said and rushed down to the shower.
“Then a knock came on the door.”
Matt’s I know it’s you just come in, Kate said when she heard a knock on her door earlier.
Kate your phone kept ringing for hours now. You have twelve missed calls. Why are you careless with your phone all the time? Matts teased.
Some people just don’t know when to call a married woman. Kate hissed.
It’s a private number too, well whoever it was have to call back then. “Kate dropped her phone then a message came in which she totally ignored”.
Kate are you sure you are fine, you look pale, nectar asked a few minutes into their drive to the hospital whiles behind the steering checking her temperature.
Just then he felt he was losing control of the car. Sensing danger he managed to pull over.
Kate I don’t know what is wrong with your car. When last did you service this? He asked. I can’t remember but can you get a cab for now am not feeling too good. She said in a faint tone.
Nectar come over, I got a message asking me not to use this car today for my life is in danger.
What? Nectar quickly snatched the phone from her. Kate this was from earlier in the morning, how come you didn’t check it.
Matt’s brought the phone earlier but I just thought whoever was calling me with the private number will call back, I didn’t get to check my messages. Kate said confused looking into nectars eyes for answers.
Kate let’s deal with this later. The cab is here, let’s get going. Will inform my detective on the way. Nectar said.
“Since when do you have a detective? Kate asked faintly”.
Since the last time you were attacked. Nectar said without giving much details.
How is that going? I totally forgot I had been attacked. Matt’s keep avoiding the topic though, Kate said almost running out of her breath.
Kate save your breathe, we will get there soon, nectar kept checking her out and stealing a few kisses whenever she made to say something.
Sly, is it what I think it is? Nectar asked Doctor Sly in coded words after few hours of getting to the hospital which they both nodded to confirm the fact that they understood each other.
Common Sly, this can’t happen, she’s three months away, and this will break her. I can’t handle another loss. Nectar said confused.
Glover you are not going to lose anyone, besides the pressure on the babies is still in the early stages. Give me the go ahead and I will get the procedure done right away. It’s just thirty minutes Glover. And you have performed this on other pregnant women yourself several times, so get a grip on yourself. Doctor sly said still waiting for an answer.
Yes, just thirty minutes but the risks and the disadvantages after birth is the issue. And she is not other pregnant women. That’s my wife there Sly. Nectar said so worried.
For now she is stable, sly said and walked away tapping nectar on the shoulder.
Sly! Nectar called out. He turned around. Go ahead but do a good job in there. Will find a way to explain the procedure to her later.
“Doctor Sly smiled and walked away”.
He opened the door to Kate’s ward gently and tried to steal another kiss when Kate spoke up.
Nectar you just have to ask and I will gladly oblige. They both smiled.
What is it, you look disturbed. Kate examined her husband’s face.
Oh am fine. He said. Nectar don’t try that stunt with me again. Kate said knowing very well there is a problem.
“Now talk, what is it”. She asked now raising herself from the bed.
Kate you remember the last time you collapsed when I suffered that poison attack. Nectar asked being careful with his words.
Yes, Sly told you about our discussion, and he is going to do the procedure right? Kate asked knowing very well what she talked about with Doctor sly the last time Nectar didn’t make it to antenatal with her.
Kate it’s just thirty minutes, hang in there. I will be here throughout. But why did you not tell me in the first place. Nectar asked.
“I knew Sly would tell you whether I asked him to or not”. Kate confessed.
And probably I knew you would be treating me like an invalid. Kate smiled after nectar playfully touched her chin.
Then the hospital door opened. Glover we are ready. You coming right. Sly asked nectar.
Why not! He gave a fake smile and walked towards the procedure room following his wife who was being wheeled away.
Is she awake now Matt’s asked once she entered?
“Matt’s I can hear you, Kate smiled”.
Am glad everything went well. You get to go home tomorrow but the doctor said you have to take it easy. Matts said smiling.
If possible stay home for now whiles you put to bed. Any shocking news might be dangerous nectar added holding her in his arms.
Nectar you know i can’t do that, but I will think about reducing the work load. Kate said.
I don’t know what you use all this money for when I can equally provide for you. Nectar talked calmly so not to upset his wife.
Nectar can’t this wait, when you guys get home you sort it out. Matt’s who was looking on while the young couples fight the urge to understand each other finally spoke up.
Stacy we failed again. This one is on you. Stacy’s mom called her daughter up when Kate made it to the hospital in a cab.
Maybe the guys you sent to temper with Kate’s fuel storage in the office might not have done a good job because you spent what I gave you to make sure they deliver this time. Stay said with plain remorse.
But I paid him much Stacy. Her mom said. And I risked my job allowing him into my work premises. Mom let’s stop all this already. Am tired of these atrocities. Stacy cried to her mom and hanged up on her.
Miss are you okay? Stacy spoke to Kate over the phone. According to nectar she has been calling since they came in that morning.
Stacy are you okay? Kate threw the question back to her. I am fine Miss, I just thought of calling to check on you since you haven’t been to work today. She lied.
I am fine my dear, just handle things for now, will let you know when I will be back to work. Kate said.
Take care of yourself Miss. Stacy said and quickly hang up.
“What was that all about, nectar asked”.
I don’t know she’s just concerned I guess. Nectar gave Kate the “am not sure face”.
Kate it has been several months already since that our coincidence bathroom s-x and I feel like bursting out. Nectar complained to his wife, after two weeks of getting back from the hospital.
When will you allow me start touching you? Am not expecting anything emotional or romantic. You can just pretend you love it and curse me later to Matts. Nectar said staring in Kate’s shy eyes.
I smiled. Now that Mandy is out of the picture, I have the right you know. Nectar smiled in between his words.
How do you know that? He might be back and am not sure I can handle resisting him.
I heard whatever you told him the last time he came here. Sorry I eavesdropped and met him behind your back.
What? What did you tell him! Kate asked curiously.
Trust me he will not be back. I am a man too remember?
“Okay nectar”.
Okay! What now? He asked.
We can try that some other time but right now am tired. I just want to sleep after a hard day’s work. . Kate said to nectar.
These precious ones have already exhausted my strength this evening. Kate further lamented.
You have time for work, and not for this. He said pointing to his waist; Kate took off her eyes quickly.
“That’s fine Kate”! I will keep waiting, when you figure out whatever attraction it is you want to feel, then you prompt me. Nectar said, trying not to be so rude and before Kate could talk he interrupted again.
You are in your sixth month, a crucial stage, would you mind handing over fully tomorrow. Nectar asked kindly.
Please don’t do that, we talked about this and you agreed to give me time and we also agreed you wouldn’t dictate to me what I should do. That is how we have survived this far? I can’t just jump into falling in love with you. Kate said rather sadly.
Sorry! Nectar pushed to the other side and covered himself. Turned off the bedside lamp.
I looked at the dejected body lying with his back against me. How do I handle this, its long overdue Kate thought.
Earlier I had wanted to give in, truthfully I was tired. Besides spent the whole day from one meeting to another. Though I promised nectar after I was discharged two weeks ago I would slow down, work keeps piling up and that’s the only thing that makes me feel alive. Kate’s mind kept roaming.
But I think I just needed to find a way not to embarrass myself, as I may not want to mention anything weird again, hence hurting his ego. She kept thinking and drifted to sleep.
Matt’s am not sure Kate is ready for another blow yet. How do I tell her she’s got a sister out there? Doctor Sylvester said she’s fragile now, any bad news is disastrous.
“Nectar narrated to her sister over early breakfast”.
But nectar this is no bad news, Kate always wanted a sister, this would be good for her. Matt’s said.
Maybe she might take the fact that she has a sister out there lightly but why her mom concealed that from her again is what she can’t take.
“According to her Mr Wilson wants to find her first. Her hands were tied”.
“I don’t want her to hate me for another lie. I am already having a hard time controlling her moods”.
Especially when I know she hasn’t really accepted me in her life yet. I am barely handling myself in the bedroom. Nectar confessed so worried.
You mean she hasn’t given in yet. Wow nectar, you must be dying in there. I must commend you for handling that well so far, with she pregnant and all and she still doesn’t want you.
“Nectar that’s not the Katie I know. Matt’s said”.
Well she might just be handling too much now and I don’t want to pressure her. Nectar replied sadly.
“When you two are done with gossiping about my intimate life then you tell me, am famished already”. Kate spoke from up the stairs while descending.
Both nectar and Matt’s turned to the direction the voice was coming from and froze on sighting Kate.
Are you two just going to stare at me because I caught you red-handed this time? Kate blurted out. For close to two minutes nobody spoke up and Kate realizing the tension had to clear the air.
Nectar pass me the milk please, which she could easily just pick up herself. Kate watched while nectar passed on the milk jar with shaky hands.
Matt’s and nectar kept stealing glances from one corner of the dinning to another. They could not read Kate’s expressions this time. She was so calm and different.
So how long have you known i had a sister? Kate suddenly asked and nectar nearly choked on his bread.
Matt’s opened her mouth but nothing came out.
Look, you too should drop the act already, besides it’s not a big deal. I have always wanted one so you don’t need to look as if you just killed me as you both are doing now. Kate spoke up again.
Brother and sister still surprised at the table wondered if Kate is okay because it’s unlike her.
They ate in silence and since no one was ready to talk, she cleared the table and was heading back upstairs and retracted her steps.
For what it’s worth, I always knew I had a sister, you two just confirmed it, I just didn’t peruse it. She said and left them both at the table.
Among the many quarrels in her house when she was growing up, one of those were always about her dad cheating on her mom Catherine where this time a child was conceived which he denied.
She couldn’t process it then but kept to herself all the time. The psychological effects the fights were having on her as young as she was made her reserved where her mom thought she was having problems with a sluggish boy in school and was withdrawn from that school to another, where she met Matt’s who transformed her life.
Kate tried to remember something which was off about the fight that led to her finding out about her sibling. Now it’s all coming back to her. Kate hit her head several times.
Then she screamed, I remember now. The Rape! And the sluggish boy; that was drake, she finally said to herself waking up from her reverie.
Matt’s and Nectar barged in on hearing the loud scream.
“Are you okay Kate, they both chorused”.
Am fine Nectar, she turned to nectar who is now seated holding her hands on the bed while Matt’s looked on.
Hand me my phone Matt’s. Kate asked with lots of emotions. She dials her mom’s line. Mom I remember now, how could you allow that man to abuse you all the time?
Kate what are you talking about, Confused Catherine asked her daughter over the phone.
Mom I remember Dad raping you all the time. Kate blurted out while Matt’s and nectar looked on sadly.
“What’s that, say again, her mom asked with a surprise tone”.
I know you won’t admit it to me but what’s the point in lieing now. Kate asked her mom in tears now.
“Mom am coming over right now and she hanged up”.
Kate wait! Nectar held Kate by the hand. She decided to see her mom immediately after that call despite her earlier feud with her.
Nectar let me go, I was busy angry with my mom for the past weeks not knowing she was already going through a lot. Kate said.
Can you calm down for a minute, I will go with you. Nectar tried to convince Kate.
No nectar, this is my messed up life, let me handle it. Kate said almost crying.
What kind of husband would I be if my wife won’t allow me support her during this time. Kate your problem is you don’t want to let anyone in, how are you going to get better. Nectar said sadly.
I don’t need your help, in case you haven’t heard I have a problem up there, Kate said pointing to her head.
I don’t care Kate, in case you forgot, I have a mental ishh too. So we are even. Nectar said finally grabbing her attention.
Kate retracted her steps back to her bed.
Matt’s who was sitting on the couch watching the drama, quietly tiptoed out when she realized the tension between the two couples.
She waited at the door, and saw the two finally locked up in a hot kiss and she smiled, then locked the door quietly behind her.
Nectar raised her face to meet his. Kate are you sure you want to do this or you are just making use of the moment.
Nectar would you shut up already, you were complaining earlier, but then whatever this means let’s talk about it later. Kate said looking directly into nectars face waiting for a go ahead, she read the expression on his face and she sprung up.
Kate I don’t want to take advantage of you, I want you to really want to be with me not because I complained about it. Nectar said with all sincerity.
I tried my best but I don’t know what else you want me to feel for you. Kate said heading to the shower, then it dawned on her she was rushing out earlier to her mom’s in her pajamas. She laughed it off in her head but kept thinking if she was ever going to be emotionally and psychologically stable.
Drake you arranged this, but now you are just staring at me. Matts said shyly.
I want to sleep with you Matt’s. Drake said and quickly took his eyes off her.
Are you out of your mind, Matt’s asked Drake over a hot afternoon ice-cream date?
Matts don’t get me wrong, instead of pretending I love you I just want to sleep with you. I heard that’s what you are good at. Drake said hiding his thoughts.
Matt’s was close to tears but she also knows he was right. At first she also thought of sleeping with him instead of building a relationship.
Now she wants a relationship with a broken hearted man. How would she handle that? She kept thinking for a while and spoke up.
Okay I agree! Matts said and Drake nearly choked on his saliva.
What’s that Matilda? He asked again.
“I said you can be my booty call”. Matt’s said stammering.
That’s fine with me then, we must as well start now, what do you say. Drake said without any emotions.
Matt’s nodded, he grabbed a few currency notes and dropped it on the table.
Your place or mine, he turned around and asked Matt’s who was deep in thoughts but snapped out of her reverie.
“Your place is fine. She said shyly”.
Oh yes, you don’t want your friend to find out about us huh. Drake said mischievously.
Matt’s just walked pass him and entered her car waiting for him to take the lead.
Matt’s woke up in Drakes arm fully spent. She was so sure whatever happened a few hours ago was one feeling she never had with anyone.
This was one great love making. She wants him all to herself. He is her last plane stop. She is willing to give up sleeping around for him, though he isn’t his taste and she isnt one who could stick to one man, she liked what she felt earlier.
“Matt’s was in her thoughts while dressing up when he spoke up”.
Look into the side drawer, I think we spent three hours, Drake said checking his bedside clock. I have a cheque written for you.
Would have given you cash but then how much do you take for an hour? Drake was about to say something else when Matt’s interrupted.
“Her smile disappeared, she was smiling earlier and probably was going to go for another round but she just felt embarrassed”.
Don’t insult my dignity Drake, I don’t need you to pay me for sleeping with you. Yes this is what I do, and you just slept with me, how different are you from me.
And if I ever needed money, I must as well work for it. I agreed to this because I wanted to satisfy my curiosity. Now I know whatever I feel for you is just a onetime thing.
Drake tried standing up to hold her back, but she would have none of it.
“You know what I think I should pay you rather. You look like you need it”.
She opened her handbag, and emptied all the contents on the bed she graced earlier. Took her empty bag and left, not minding what else she might have left behind.
What next?


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