Episode 60 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

The story titled "No More Room For Love" was written for
your great pleasures to learn from the true life story of a friend.
.No part of it should be reproduced
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SNIPPET *******

 Matilda, a familiar voice called behind. Matts recognizing the voice decided to ignore and walk on to the court room. How dare Drake stalk him at work. She walked quickly and thinking she lost him, got into her work elevator waiting for the next one to open up. She was already late for a case, she hurriedly entered into the next elevator and was about to press the next number when he stopped her hands. She felt the surge running through her veins and his perfume the last time they were together she still recognized. She managed to raise her head meeting his gaze, as if someone announced silence hour, they both were staring at each other hungrily and lustfully. Can we talk Matts; he finally spoke up. A lot of crazy ideas were running through Drakes mind at this juncture but he needs to respect the lady standing before him. Matts I asked a question. Can we talk somewhere; you have been avoiding me since our last meeting. You changed your line too or you just decided to turn it off because you probably know I would be calling you. Drake asked trying to hide the fact that if he had the opportunity he would just sleep with her again. Matts finally mastered courage and spoke up. I have a meeting, just let me go. She said with a shaky voice and with lots of emotions, though she didn’t want him to go. Somehow matts knew Drake had a good heart, he might want to fall in love with her rather than brooding over Katie. Matilda I am sorry for my behavior the last time, probably I misread our agreement. Drake said without any remorse at all. Drake that’s fine, I am over it already. Now can I go? I have an important case to win. Looks like that’s the only thing I have left not to lose. Matts said sadly. I keep losing friendships and love these days, what’s the big deal anyway, we both are adults and consented to what happened, I enjoyed it, if you haven’t, well that’s your own loss Drake. Just then the door to the elevator opened and the security interrupted. Matts grabbed that opportunity to walk away without looking back hence leaving Drake to find his way out. ****** Grams welcome. Kate rushed to hug her granny who just came in with nectar. You look bloated already, what has your husband been feeding you with. Jane asked her granddaughter. They both laughed and nectar tried to smile when Kate gave him a frown. His smile disappeared immediately. Grams, come let me show you to your room. Kate walked Jane to her room. They spoke for a while and Kate realized all her doubts earlier has been cleared. Grams if you need anything let myself or nectar know but for the meantime, get ready we will be going out soon. Is she comfortable, nectar asked his wife descending from the stairs? Why don’t you ask her that yourself? She can speak for herself, Kate said and retracted back to their bedroom. Nectar followed and saw her dressing up, to God knows where. Kate, is this about last night? “I can explain”. Nectar said confusedly. I am glad you know something happened last night. And that explanation better be good enough or I will pull this house down. Kate tried to lower her voice not to draw her granny’s attention. Kate, stop over reacting! It was just a friendly call. Nectar tried to defend. Really, a friendly call and you could rush out of the shower unclad to just talk to her. A bar attendant for that matter. That’s the most annoying part about this whole issue. You think I wouldn’t recognize her from the day we met at the bar. I do nectar. I may have a messed up mind but I do have a photographic memory. Kate hissed. Kate don’t blow this up already, I knew this girl before I met you that day in the bar. Nectar managed to say. So why is she calling you at ungodly times. You think I don’t know you wake up when you think I was asleep just to whisper into the night. I see and hear it all, I just decided not to react, but your action from the shower last night gave me the impression you are hiding something from me. Don’t let me find out nectar. “Nectar just stood there staring in to space”. And where are you going to dressed like that, nectar suddenly found his voice to ask Kate who was putting on an oversized blouse. Nectar, I am dressed like this because you haven’t noticed my dresses are way too tight these days and am taking my granny out for a treat. Kate said rather smiling. You are going out with Mummy Jane? Wait for me, am coming too. Nectar said rushing to get changed. You are coming nowhere nectar. I thought you brought my Granny so I could have some alone time with her, why are you interrupting now. Kate asked knowing very well she just wanted to taunt the poor guy over yesterday’s misunderstanding. The truth is she doesn’t want to think about Pearl in the picture. She would give him the benefit of the doubt. Jumping into conclusions might just put another strain on her marriage. Kate thought for a while and walked pass nectar to where Mummy Jane was waiting. She waved nectar with a smile, which confused him the most.


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