Episode 72 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Stacy, I hope you haven’t left my company attending to personal issues. Kate asked immediately Stacy picked up her call. Mrs Glover, I’m at work at this very moment. She was about to continue stammering when Kate interrupted.
Stacy that’s fine, you don’t need to defend yourself that much. i was just pulling your legs. Meet me at your Dad’s place, I hope you still have Andy’s address and I know you are smart Stacy, to do all these without keeping something to collaborate your allegations.
Yes I have, Stacy instantly said before Kate could even land. But i would be implicating myself too Miss. She said sadly.
Don’t you think you should pay for your wrong doings as well. Kate retorted back. Anyways get it and come over to your Dad’s end.
Hand over today’s work load to the the sales department.
Okay Miss, she replied with a weak tone. And you can call me Kate. Kate hanged up, after she realized both Matt’s and nectar’s gaze were widely on her.
What are you two staring at. She asked looking through the contacts on her phone.
Kate do you really have to drive all the way to your moms in this condition. Matt’s said and nectar looked unconcerned.
And nectar why are you silence on this issue. Huh! He exclamed. Really, were you even listening to your wife? i just said your wife doesnt look good, and you reply Huh! Matts said concerned
Matilda, Kate can make her own decisions now, besides she’s just going three blocks away from here and Stacy can equally drive, he defended his silence earlier.
Your attitudes for the past three days have been weird. Is there something going on that I’m not aware of, Matt’s asked waiting for a response.
Madam know it all, we are fine. Kate are we not fine. Nectar asked sarcastically .
Kate just stared at him and shook his head. She caught him last night ransacking through her medications. He made an excuse of needing ibuprofen for his head when he knows that isn’t part of her medications. What was he trying to find. Has Sly told him anything. Kate kept thinking until Matt’s interrupted.
Since none of you want to fill me in, I’m done with that contract you asked me to get for Stacy. And you should know whatever mess she is in with the evidence she’s got, not even this contract can save her from jail time.
The laws in this country doesn’t work that way. Matt’s said and tapped her on the back. Matt’s you think I don’t know that, I’m helpless now, she has been in my life from day one and I hardly noticed.
If I had pursued this from the beginning I could have saved her. Kate lamented. This tears won’t help you, I promise to work on something, maybe get her out early. Matt’s said consoling her friend.
On what basis Matilda. The girl nearly killed me, why not allow nature runs its course. Nectar shot back.
As if you haven’t killed anyone yourself, Kate shot back regretting she even opened her mouth.
Just then the bell rang. Matt’s just stared at the two couples and walked away.
Stacy did you fly? And I asked you to meet me at your Dad’s, what are you doing here in my house. Kate asked Stacy when she was ushered in.
No Miss, I was already on my way with the contract we talked about when you called, so I just decided to come here instead. She revealed.
Why is that? You cant take simple instructions anymore? Kate asked with a high tone. I’m sorry Miss, i just thought to drop this so we could go together. Stacy said feeling so embarrased.
Stacy, am not sure I need that anymore and where is the evidence we spoke about. Kate asked trying so hard not to sound rude to her sister. Stacy brought out the envelope from her bag.
Matt’s take that and see how best we can work around it.
And you, she said pointing to Stacy, wait for me in your car. You are driving. Kate said and walked upstairs.
Nectar, what’s going on between you two, I’m fed up with your fights already. I need to move out soon so whatever it is get it sorted before I get out. Matt’s said glancing through the documents in her hand while waiting for a response then Kate interrupted.
Find anything good in that envelope yet which can solve our case?. Kate asked Matts who was still holding the evidence Stacy brought along with her. She stared at nectar rolling her eyes finally.
Yeah, I think she called and sent you several messages during the car accident. You remember I brought your phone with a private number ID. Matt’s revealed.
That was Stacy? Both nectar and Kate blurted out and looked to each other’s direction confused.
Yeah, Matt’s responded looking at them weirdly. And it’s good. Will work around it.
Okay I will hit you up when I’m back then, Kate said and walked out of the door while nectar walked back to his room.
I’m glad you are back home Catherine, don’t leave me again. I can’t promise not to snap at you any time soon and I can’t certainly say I’m in love with you now but am sure of the fact that you love me in your own way despite my horrible attitude towards you all these years. Wilson said caressing her hair.
Catherine who had her head rested on his broad chest couldn’t stop grinning. Wilson I don’t need you to love me now, let time work it out. I just need one favor and I’m okay.
Catherine, anything for you, i have been so focused on my hatred for what Claudia involved me in that I refused to see what an angel I have in here every night sleeping opposite me.
How lonely she have been all these years while I try to satisfy myself out but failed and then come in here with that anger to get satisfaction through forceful ex. Who does that! He said rather calmly while Catherine shed tears.
He had no idea she was teary until he felt his chest wet. Hey don’t cry, I’m sorry, he said beautifully. Wilson, am not crying because of the hurts you’ve caused me.
Okay, that’s a relief! The guilt is enough to grant me a peaceful passage, at least I know somehow you’ll manage the pain with me in my last moments.
Wilson will you stop it already, Catherine said raising her head off his shoulders, you are not dying. We will get a donor, your name is still on the list. She said trying to be strong.
No Catherine, you don’t understand. I took my name off last year when the doctor said i needed two now. You did what? Catherine blurted out.
There’s no point holding on to the impossible, who would want to give out two of their kidneys without loosing their lives besides Doctor Juanz wasn’t sure I would even survive it in the end.
Wilson said trying not to make her cry.
So you just want to die. Who should take care of your children then. She asked emotionally. You will Catherine, besides Kate is already grown into a woman. She has her own family. He responded weakly.
You think that daughter of yours is anywhere near mature. Wilson you have another one, allow me help you make it up to your children.
Catherine said staring in his eyes.
Stacy,’ I’m sure i have hope of gaining her trust, but that Kate of yours, I don’t know Catherine, she keeps embarrassing me all the time and you know what I deserve it. Wilson said focusing on the shadow at the door.
Mom, so you keep gracing the bed of the one man that has hurt you so much. Kate said and startled both her mom and dad who quickly located their attires on the floor as if they were caught cheating on their partners.
Kate, what’s wrong with your manners today. You always knock, so what happened to today.
Mom, I’m….. She was about to say when Catherine yelled. Don’t mom me and get out before I loose it. Catherine yelled.
It’s okay Catherine, take it easy on her. Wilson rather said to surprise Kate.
Father of the year, Kate murmured to herself and walked out sadly without looking back and met Stacy still standing in the hall, the same position she was before Kate runned up to call her mom.
Are you still standing, get yourself settled. Kate was talking to Stacy when she heard footsteps behind her. Kate, sorry about your mom up there, she heard her Dad say behind her.
She just paused for a while, tried to talk back but remembered where she was standing, on the same stairs her Dad slapped her from behind some few years back for running her mouth. She certainly dont want a repeat of that slap so she frowned and walked briskly to Stacy.
What next?


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