Episode 77 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Nectar looked from Wilson to Catherine then from Kate to Matt’s. They were so engrossed in whatever they were reading.
He tried to sit beside Kate who rolled her eyes earlier, he got the message loud and clear and since the other spaces were filled up with papers, he walked to the dinning and pulled a chair while he listens into their discussions.
Dad are you sure, these are all the women you slept with. Kate suddenly asked after a long silence. He kept to himself for a while and realized all eyes were on him.
Kate just asked a question for the first time without being rude, he has to answer carefully. This might be the breakthrough he needs.
Catherine shook her husband by the shoulder to get his attention. Emmmm yeah! Except your mom. He said quickly and looked away.
Okay but I don’t understand why or how Pearl got Mummy Claudia’s picture. Kate asked confused.
She wasn’t part of your league of concubines or was she.
Kate! Don’t start. Catherine called out. Sorry Mom, but it doesn’t make sense. I get why Andy’s picture is in here, he probably had a thing with Pearl.
Katie don’t sweat it out, the b---h is a detective. She probably just got information’s on everyone. Matt’s said with a frown.
Matt’s that’s not the problem, it seems you forgot this picture. It’s the same one I carry along all the time back then with Andy. How did he get it Matt’s.
Katie, I’m a lawyer not a detective ask the b---h herself. Matt’s said and her eyes fell on something on the paper.
You ladies should mind your terms, Catherine said watching Kate sternly. And who is this Pearl you keep mentioning, a friend to the family?
Kate and Matt’s looked weirdly at each other then their eyes located nectar sitting in the dinning with a confused expression.
Nectar’s Mis… Matt’s was about to say when Kate interrupted.
Mom, she’s a detective nectar hired. Kate said and looked to his direction, she thought she saw him say thank you. Her mom kept looking at her for a while and when their gazes met she smiled.
But this is Stacy’s birth cert! Check the date and time on that, Mr Wilson. Matt’s suddenly blurted out. He quickly grabbed the file. That looks familiar to you? Matt’s asked.
This time around Kate was looking in his Dad’s direction hoping for all this to end soon.
Dad is everything alright. You suddenly look like you have seen a ghost. Maybe you should take a seat. Catherine who was seated held his hand to get a seat.
Wilson, let me have a look. He tossed the birth cert to his wife and grabbed his phone from his inner pocket.
Hello, I have all you need, can we proceed this evening. It should be possible officer. Just get it done or I do that myself.
Thank you, I’m on my way.
Dad, there is nothing extraordinary on this paper, and was that the police station? Kate asked almost standing up.
Yes, and I would have to explain later, you just relax here. Jane would need to face me tonight. She has done enough damage to this family.
Matt’s would go with us. She would fill you in. Wilson said and sighted nectar by the dining table.
We got to run son, take care of her. He smiled directing his gaze to Kate’s direction.
Andy, are you sure of what you just told me? Jane, I have no idea what he came to do there at that time but everything shows pearl is pregnant for him.
No wonder Pearl doesn’t pay attention to you. Catherine teased. How could you be making a joke right now when our problems are piling up.
Remember I still haven’t gotten the money you promised me and pearl keeps blackmailing me with whatever she recorded from that conversation with you in the bar.
Andy you worry too much, Wilson would not dare touch a hair on my body without implicating Stacy.
You know she is in this as well. So don’t worry we can’t go down for this.
Catherine said rubbing his thighs, which looked like they were having a moment just then a knock came on the door.
Wilson what is this! Catherine yelled as she was been handcuffed.
Mom, how did you convince Claudia to sign that document attached to the birth cert. Why would she even want to do something like that.
Was her death even an accident? Mom talk to me, Wilson was on top of his voice yelling.
Why don’t you ask her when you meet her soon. Jane said without remorse. What kind of a mother are you Jane. He asked.
The kind of mother who took care of your premature daughter for several years. Do you know what I have to go through for that girl.
You completely ignored me because of this shameless woman.
Don’t call my wife shameless, you should rather be the shameless one. Tell me, I want to know how you did it. Whose still born did I bury that day.
Answer me he said pulling Jane who was struggling to get free from the handcuffs.
Andy who was already pushed to the back of the police van was speechless as to how untimely it was. Even Claudia knew you are not capable of taking care of any one less alone Catherine.
You think any woman would be happy with another woman having her husbands child when she just found out she could get pregnant after all. Jane said.
It still doesn’t make sense mom, Claudia I know would never give her consent to whatever went on. If she was afraid her child wouldn’t receive the best care, she would have talked to me. Wilson said pushing back his tears.
Jane laughed. You are laughable right now Wilson.
You were dying even with one kidney. Who would she entrust her child to. Catherine the street home breaker. No way?
Just then a slap came from Catherine.
I’ve been meaning to do that all these years, Catherine said and Jane holding her face.
You should have been the one who died in that car crash. You were lucky to escape. Jane said. Don’t tell me you caused that accident too mom. Wilson asked with a heavy heart.
What if I did. She replied. Mom you are wicked. You killed my wife and you stand there not bothered.
How did you even get your hands on Stacy. Wilson asked curiously. It seems you still don’t get the whole picture, Jane said almost immediately.
You trust your Doctor right? Next time don’t even trust yourself. He betrayed you Wilson. Why would he do that, and for what reason. He asked.
That you need to find out, maybe a favor from a beautiful dying woman. Jane teased. Mr Santa, we need to get going, we got everything we need right here.
Jane was been dragged away when she paused. Your guilt should be killing you now, you chose the wrong time to go into labor.
Claudia giving me Stacy after her birth was supposed to be a peaceful one, but you ruined it when you had to drag her into your car. I hate you for that Catherine.
Unlike Wilson who had a few more years, Claudia had just months, I bet he was not even aware as he couldn’t make time for his wife since you came into his life.
You will regret to have chosen the wrong family, Catherine because I would still hurt you even in jail.
You took everything I was ever attached to from me. Jane said and spat in her face. Officers I think we are done here. Wilson said and grabbed a seat.
Matt’s who was silent all these while watching the family drama handed over her handkerchief to Catherine.
As Jane entered, Andy flashed her an I told you so face. I still need my money, I have a sick mother. You think I did this for myself.
You had better arrange that money. Andy whispered to Jane while she leaned her head against the van.
Kate, your mom called! Nectar shouted out to Kate who was in the shower for close to an hour.
She came out almost immediately barely covering herself with just the towel. What did she say? Kate asked impatiently.
Grams and Andy has been arrested but Matt’s would give us details later. Okay thank you, she said and walked to her wardrobe. How is she nectar? Kate asked!
Huh! He found his voice. I mean is pearl Fine? She asked again.
Yeah, and sorry I missed your calls. That’s fine, was just informing you mom and dad was here. She clarified calmly.
Are you okay Kate. Nectar asked pushing himself closer to her on the bed.
Yes, why do you ask. She queried. Because you ratted me out to my sister. She hates me now and you hate me too.
Nectar what do you expect we do. I’m tired of going back and forth.
Let me get some sleep and your phone keeps ringing, you should pick it up. He looked at his phone, turned down the volume. Would you be available for antenatal tomorrow. She asked.
I’m starting my second week of the seventh month in case you forgot. No Kate, I haven’t! I would be available he said.
Good, I’m sleepy now. Turn off the lights when you are done sorting yourself out. Kate pulled the duvet over herself and rested her head gently.
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