Episode 78 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Nectar tossed up and down beside Kate. He kept checking his phone and deleting the calls he missed from pearl in the past few hours.
Why won’t she just stop calling, for Christ’s sake, I was there just last night and it’s three in the morning? She has a habit of calling at dawn. He was about to turn off his phone when it rang again. He hissed, raised himself off the bed and rushed to the washroom in order not to wake up Kate.
Pearl, what is it again, you keep flooding my phone with calls. Just then he heard the next news which threw him off balance.
He could barely say anything to Sly who just called with Pearls phone.
Nectar took another look at his wife who was fast asleep when he rushed out of the washroom. He walked closer placed a kiss on her forehead and quickly rushed out after he located his car keys on the table downstairs.
Nectar drove on the top most speed for the first time. Does pearl matter to him that much?
Why am I so concerned about her now, I mean she practically ruined my marriage twice? I know it’s not even love, but I just don’t need another blood on my hand. Nectar assured himself while skipping off the road a few times.
Kate forgive me, this is an emergency. A life is involved I can’t sit and watch her die, I hope you understand my action this evening. He murmured to himself while pulling up at his hospital premises where Pearl has been rushed to after she had no luck in reaching him.
He forgot he was only in his pajamas; he didn’t care if all eyes were on him. Glover, come in here. Sly pulled him to his office.
What the hell is going on Glover! Who is she? And why are you in your pajamas. Sly asked with a raised tone.
Sly not now! How is she? Nectar asked with a worried face. Stable for now but we need to watch her for a while and she has been sedated. So now let’s talk who is she?
I have the right to know why a strange lady would be having my number in the first place claiming you asked her to contact me for antenatal.
Glover, are you responsible for her pregnancy? Sly asked looking into his eyes for answers.
I think you have already answered me. For your information, she lost it. And who the hell keep using poison around you. Are you saying she lost my baby with the same poison I suffered from?
That’s exactly what I said, and there is something else. You need to explain that to her yourself, Sly said handing him what seems like Pearl’s folder.
I’m going back to bed, the night nurses would be here to take care of her so you can go home and dress properly. Sly said tapping him on the shoulder.
Sly, thank you so much! I want to be the one to tell my wife, hope you can keep this between us for some time.
Sure Glover! He replied.
And I would like to stick around, can I use your phone to call home. I left mine home after I spoke with you. Nectar said grabbing a seat opposite the sad looking Doctor.
The same here, I rushed out when I heard her weak voice asking for help. Sly said. Okay, do you have any extra attire, nectar asked. Yeah check the cloak room, I will be going now. Let me know if anything comes up, Sly said and walked out.
Nectar laid his head on the table, and couldn’t help stop the tears from soiling the table.
Wilson, are you okay! You have been in the same position since last night.
Catherine, you don’t get it do you. That woman may not have given me life but she was there for the greater part of my life. Why then would she treat me this way.
You always knew your mother has always been paranoid. Now she got what was coming to her. Catherine said holding his head in her palm.
Let your last days be joyful, at least now I have accepted you want to die but don’t pass away carrying your mother’s burdens. Thank you Catherine, I’m glad you have accepted Stacy, meaning Claudia was wrong about you.
I’m sure your mom fed her with lies about me because your wife always liked me, but Wilson can we not think about that right now. Let’s enjoy this moment while it last. Catherine said winking.
Matt’s have you seen your brother around. He wasn’t beside me when I woke up. Kate said munching on her omelet.
Why do you worry about him, he is a full grown man Katie? Stop worrying about him and he might just realize his mistakes. For me, I’m done with saving his a-s all the time. Matt’s said dropping her cutlery.
Matt’s, it seems you also can’t see what I feel. You are blind just like your brother. Kate said playing with her cutlery as well. Katie I know you love my brother in your own small way, but the way you sound now it seems you have fallen finally.
You have no idea Matt’s, and he just toys with it. Can you imagine that, but that’s all gone now within a split second. Right now I don’t even know what I feel. Kate said smiling.
Katie your phone, is ringing. Matts drew her attention to her phone beside her.
What the hell! She yelled. Can you imagine this nonsense, a collect call from jail? Kate revealed while holding the phone off her ears.
You want to receive it or I should! Matt’s asked worried. No that’s fine! It’s probably my Grams. Kate said and accepted the call.
Grams, I know it’s you, what do you want this time. Kate asked Jane over the phone.
You think you are smart, Jane blurted out from the other side of the phone which was now on speaker. Grams, why did you treat me that way, I mean you could have asked for anything and I would gladly give you. You broke me completely; I hope you rot in jail.
Matt’s was waving her hands for Kate to hang up but she wouldn’t hear any of it.
Do you know why I even called you? Your stupid and rude attitudes have gotten your husband impregnating another woman.
Kate just dropped to the floor before Matt’s could even get hold of her.
Katie! Matt’s kept yelling whiles driving Kate to the hospital. Hold on Kate, we are almost there, she kept encouraging her friend. Nectar, what are you doing here matts asked his brother when she entered to inform the nurses she had brought a patient in labor.
If you care to know, your wife is in labor, how could you even think of impregnating another woman when all your wife did was love you secretly. I bet you wouldn’t even know that, but that’s all over now.
Just then Kate was wheeled in and Nectar left angry Matts to herself, following his wife.
Sylvester is she going to make it. Nectar held Sly’s white coat up to his neck almost choking him.
Saint, Matts called from afar, let him be. You did this to yourself. Make sure nothing happens to Katie or this time I would make sure you pay for a crime you obviously didn’t commit intentionally.
Nectar finally regained his senses. Tell me Doctor to Doctor, how is she. Nectar asked Sly who was looking at him with guilt and pity.
Bad, her pressure is very high. Sly said quickly to avoid answering questions he wasn’t prepared for.
How many of that did you give her?
Nectar asked pointing to the medicine in Doctor sly’s hands.
Doctor Sly she is awake. The nurse who helped earlier when Pearl woke up and nectar had completely ignored her rushed towards them panting.
Nectar rushed in and froze at the door. Matts, walked pass him, glanced at him weirdly and hissed. I thought you were rushing in earlier, what is holding you up there.
She paused and looked at his brother who obviously had a regrettable face on.
She walked away to Kate dismissing the thought of his brother ending up with Kate ever again.
Matts, call my mom please. Kate managed to say amidst tears and faintly.
Kate save your breath; I already did on our way here but stop talking for now.
No I have to do this Matts. Sorry I didn’t tell you about my diagnosis. I thought I had more time. Kate could barely talk without her heart racing like Usain bolt.
Katie, I already knew, why do you even have to keep that from me.
For your husband I understand, but not me katie. Don’t ever do that to me again.
Matt’s said silently while Kate looked on.
But how? Did Sly tell you about it? I would kill that Doctor before I die, she tried to say with strength but she could only choke on her words.
Easy Katie! We don’t have to do this now. Keep your strength, you might need it for a new Kidney.
Matt’s you know it’s rare, and besides Sly said there’s just thirty-three percent chance of me surviving that transplant with these babies.
I chose my babies, and I’m okay with that. What do I have to live for any way. I lost my husband because of my own mistakes, then I thought I had made up for my mistakes just to wake up to this news.
He can’t even show his face here, so I deal with that his cheating a-s. Make sure pearl pays for this if I don’t make it Matt’s.
Who said you are going anywhere. Don’t let Stacy’s struggle for the past two weeks to be in vain.
She went through hell to save you a kidney. The best you can do is stay alive and take that girl for a vacation.
What are you talking about, and where is that girl, haven’t seen her in a while. Is she okay Matt’s. Kate asked rather worried.
She’s fine Kate! Why did you think I took her case, knowing very well she has hurt you alot. Matt’s asked Kate who seems to be sleeping off.
Stacy contacted me about a report she found while cleaning your office.
Don’t get angry with Sly, I had to force it out of him.
And luckily Stacy was a match and she was free from what you and your dad inherited.
Matt’s what did you do. Kate asked trying to wake up.
Stacy offered her kidney without any pressure. Katie believe me.
But that still doesn’t push me to seventy percent chance of survival Matt’s.
Katie let’s talk about it when you make it and besides your husband has been standing at the door since I came in.
Which husband Matt’s. Was this even marriage. Do me a favor Matt’s, ask him out. I don’t want to see his face around here. Kate said and closed her eyes.
Nectar who was still at the door eavesdropping was lost as to what Kate was blabbing about.
He turned to Sly who just came in through the door. What diagnosis Sly? He asked furiously.
I’m sorry, but she is my patient and I owe her the doctor to patient secrecy.
And she is my wife Sly?
Now what is it Sly? Nectar asked giving him the ‘you better start talking face’.
Sly was about to talk when Wilson and Catherine came rushing in.
Baby, I’m sorry, I wasn’t there for you. I’m here now. Daddy is here too.
Catherine said pulling a chair beside Kate’s bed while looking back to Wilson’s direction.
Save the children, she opened her eyes upon hearing her mother’s voice and cried out. Mom this is the consent form.
What? No way? Please don’t do this to me Kate. Catherine fighting to hold on to her tears.
Just at that moment Doctor Sly interrupted from afar while he walked closer shutting the door after nectar who he advised to stay outside for the family to sort out themselves.
We are saving you both. Sly responded! You can try but when it comes to it, save my kids. Kate pleaded innocently.
Matts, see make sure he does exactly that. Katie you are not going anywhere now. And I’m not a doctor so you can’t give me that task.
Kate feigned a smile and Matts could see life sucking her away.
Mom, promise me you will take care of them like your own.
Don’t say that, you are coming back with your kids.
Your husband would need you. Catherine said and got a frown from both Matts and Kate.
Why do you both look like I just said something wrong. And where is Nectar. Catherine looked around without luck. Someone tell me what is going on here Matts.
Matts! Sly! Kate! You all don’t want to talk. Catherine exclaimed and watched from one corner of the room to another.
Mom, can we focus now! Kate spoke up faintly closing her eyes.
Where is Dad? She asked. Am here! Wilson walked to Kate’s bed, stammering something.
For the first time Kate seem to have seen her Dad with a different expression on his face.
Do me a favor. I know you are the heartless one among them all.
Save my kids, when it comes to it.
Make that decision again, as you made 27 and half years ago.
Promise me you will. Wilson nodded, took Catherine’s right hand into his, squeezed for a second and walked out and Doctor Sly followed.
Matts, I’m scared, I don’t want to die. She tried to say just then the monitors started giving out their loud beeps, and nurses rushing in.
Everyone rushed out sadly on the nurses request.
Matt’s saw nectar from a far distance hitting his leg against a bed standing in the hospital hall way then he finally sat on the floor of the hospital while Katie is wheeled away breathless.
Catherine who couldn’t find Wilson earlier sighted Nectar sitting by himself on the floor while Matt’s stands at a corner sadly.
Nectar got startled by Catherine’s tap.
Mom I’m sorry! I have ruined yet another woman.
Please forgive me.
Nectar what did you do exactly since no one was ready to tell me anything earlier.
Nectar who overheard Matt’s tell Sly, Jane had called Kate about Pearl’s pregnancy thought of hidding that fact from Catherine.
Nectar, I believe you need help, if you don’t talk to me, how am I going to help you.
He sighed heavily and his face fell to the ground.
Mom I cheated on her, and the worse of it all the woman is pregnant. She’s also lying without a womb in the next two wards after she got poisoned which I believed was the handy work of Jane.
Jane had to beat me to it even from jail. I had plans of telling her just after she delivers safely but Grams ruined that.
Surprisingly, Catherine wasn’t angry.
Is this woman Pearl, the detective Kate mentioned the last time.
Nectar raised up his head and stared at his mother in law.
Don’t worry, I’m old but smart. I knew something was wrong when I asked who she was and the girls were acting weird.
Nectar, I won’t judge you, whatever reason you had to do what you did should be enough to either hold on to her or let Kate go.
I’m not going to tell you to fight for her either.
The question is will it happen again, if you can answer that question then I think you have made a decision.
Love isn’t the only way to her heart. Kate is stubborn, rude and careless sometimes, I get it. If these attitudes put you off and you can’t help but take your manhood out of your matrimonial home, then I think you don’t deserve her.
If you can’t understand why she behaves how she does then you met her at her worse time. Because my daughter wasn’t this way, it took men like you to break her completely.
I’ m not judging her attitudes or whatever wrong she might have done to earn your betrayal but you should know you have messed up and am highly disappointed in you.
And that poor woman you just ruined her chance of ever getting a child of her own, get your a-s down there and apologize, it won’t solve her problem but she needs to know.
Nectar couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.
Glover! Sly called from afar.
He stood up instantly and Catherine followed.
Put yourself together, because you know you are the only one who has done this procedure in this hospital. That is your wife and you obviously can’t go in there but you could guide us through. Sly said.
Is it the procedure I did on your nephews wife last year? He asked confused.
‘Doctor Sly, nodded’.
How did it come to this, Sly? You could have told me Kate was suffering from something like that so I know how to handle it.
Glover it’s hereditary, obviously wasn’t detected early enough to cure it but unlike her Dad she got a kidney from Stacy in time.
But because of the twins her chances are not encouraging.
Catherine yelled from behind, how is Stacy.
Mrs. Santa, she is strong enough to have survived.
Next time, you don’t risk someone else life at the expense of another. Talk to me when it comes to my children. Do you understand me Sylvester. Catherine warned furiously.
Sylvester, look at me. I can’t lose another wife on the theatre table.
I know Glover! Then you can just come in and support, Sly replied again.
I don’t want to. I would watch in the auditorium. Catherine could see the fear in nectars eyes when he said he would watch in the auditorium.
Then we would be counting on you not to give us so much pressure but your expertise. Another Doctor said while passing by hurriedly.
Nectar sighed wiping his eyes with the back of his hands.
Nectar and Catherine walked away to the small room which looks like the auditorium the two doctors talked about.
Nectar saw Sly coming out while Kate was lying helplessly on the table.
Sylvester, what is going on? Why is she not under anesthesia yet?
Nectar suddenly asked Sly who came out of the theater sweating.
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