Episode 79 | No More Room For Love (Love Story)

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Sly, I just asked you why my wife is lying on that cold table sacred out of her mind. Or can’t you see her looking around. Have you even told her she is about to watch herself go under the knife? Nectar asked with a raised tone.
A hemorrhage happened, we need to do an open surgery. Sly finally said after two minutes of silence.
No, she can’t handle it. You know I can do this with anesthesic. Give me way! Nectar said furiously and Sly blocking his passage through the door.
You know you can’t do that Glover. Your license would be revoked. I hope you understand what is at stake here. Sly said barely controlling his emotions.
So what if I get kicked out of practice because I saved my wife. Sly you know I don’t really care about that now. That woman in there is much valuable than the lives I have saved since i joined you in this hospital.
What kind of a doctor would I be if I can’t save my own wife. So i prefer to be a shameles and jobless man than loose my wife. Nectar said with an overflow of tears.
Nectar, Catherine called from behind, allow the good Doctor do his job. But Mom I can’t allow him screw up everything.
Then get him whatever information he came out to get from you. I believe that’s why he is here and get over your fears. Save your wife, don’t let it end up as Keisha! Catherine advised barely holding on.
And you still havent gone to see Pearl as i instructed Nectar. She’s a humanbeing, you dont get to use her and dump her. Catherine said angrily.
Mom, i can’t stand two pressures now, this is where my heart is. Pardon me for now, i would see Pearl once your daughter is okay. Nectar said honestly and Catherine nodded.
Now Sly, what did you say you need. For what looks like a minute, the two doctors nodded to each other, and Sly walked away.
Sly? Nectar called out when he was almost through the door. Save her when it comes to it. We can always have another baby. But, sly was about to deny when Nectar interrupted. No Buts sly! Do the needful. Nectar said rather keenly.
Whatever consent she signed i believe i can make changes. At least i can ask that of you. He said and walked away bumping into Matts who just stared at him.
Doctor Sly rushed in and the rest watched in the auditorium. Nectar could barely concentrate on whatever information he was giving out to the Doctor’s from where he stood.
For a while he was grateful everything was going on smoothly though with some few try and errors, the babies finally came out crying.
Sly looked up and Nectar got thesame expression he normally gives to his patients family when they pass on. He yelled No, drawing the attention of both Catherine and Matts who were already in tears.
He rushed in there as if he was being chased bumping into Stacy in the hall way.
Get this on me now, he shouted at the nurses while pointing at the green overall. Nectar take the babies now; she is already gone. Long before the last procedure.Sly said!
No, she is not. Get the children out. Nurse get me a crush can he said almost losing it. For a whole thirty minutes, he gave up and sat on the floor.
Matts who was peeping through the theatre window couldn’t handle herself, she turned away and met Wilson coming her way. She was holding her tears back, but the look on Wilson’s face made her cry out loud.
Stacy on sighting her crying Dad, practically rushed into his arms. I’m sorry Dad, she cried out.
Nectar was about to turn away after a few more minutes when a miracle happened. The monitors started responding.
He stared to be sure he wasn’t dreaming, he only came out of his trance when Doctor Sly filed pass him and started patching her up.
Glover, get over here and help me fix the Oxygen ! If you are losing your job, you should loose for a good reason.
Wilson, it seems the worse is over, but where did you go since morning. Catherine asked her husband who had gone missing since Kate was brought in.
I went to see Jane! I had to warn her to stay away from my family. Wilson said with relief. How did it go then! she asked. Catherine my mom is sick in the head, i believe that now.
I realized that when she was bragging about how she wanted to get rid of nectar but Mandela happened to get to their meeting point first which got him killed.Sorry i doubted you all along but she doesnt get to hurt anyone again. If everything works out, she should be getting a death sentece.
You mean jane was responsible for Mandela’s death. Catherine asked. No wonder the cops couldnt find anything during there investigations. Matts who was eavesdropping to the couples conversation asked.
Nectar, whatever you did in there is above my expertise. Doctor Sly said after the worse was over.
Am not sure if she will wake up the same though I have tried my best, Nectar replied rather sadly.
Matts, is there any change yet. She turned and saw Drake and his friends walking to where she was seated with nectar as they ignored each other.
They have been frequenting the hospital for the past one week. Nectar sit down, let him be! Katie would have wanted him to be here, besides i’m back with him now incase you hadnt noticed so i don’t need you fighting my love troubles for me. Matts told his brother with anger.
He frowned and hit his hand on the bedpost then the monitors started beeping.
Nurses kept rushing in while nectar does his checks.For about ten minutes, she finally starts breathing. She is coming around now, Nectar sighed and slumped into the seat beside Kate’s bed.


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