Actress Bose Alao who Accused Her Husband For Domestic Violence, Apologises To Her Hubby

Actress Bose Alao who Accused Her Husband For Domestic Violence, Apologises To Her Hubby
Today in light of wrong impacts particularly in the social media,
couples are controlled by technicalities as opposed to character, love, regard and the fear of God; subsequently numerous marriages has crashed while some are in crisis. 
In a lot of marriages today, it's more like Two Men are married, having "equal rights", can do as they like and can move out of the marriage whenever they so desire. 

What you should know is that; marriage is DESTINY. You can end up in Hell just for messing up your marriage if you don't retrace your steps. Marriage is the only process in which God declared that two persons will become One Flesh and it's not something you can just abuse anyhow for the sake of your Eternity.

NOTE: Marriage is NOT meant to make you happy, but to make you Holy. It's meant to save you from worldly distractions so you can concentrate to serve God truly and secure your Eternity. Those doing otherwise should be ready for the consequences...

Enough said. The story of Nollywood actress, Bose Alao:

She was in the news last weekend after she announced the end of her marriage to her footballer husband, Rasaq Omotoyossi, claiming domestic abuses, has apologized to her husband.

Bose Alao has disclosed that the domestic violence is on both sides and they've now opted for therapy. Her words:

"I will be deceiving myself to say nothing happened or pretend I didn't see all published between my husband and I, it has become so overwhelming that I do not know how to handle it anymore, but to start with, everything I read on Instagram was not posted by me or meant for the gram. No. If u follow my husband and I you will know we ain't friends on Instagram for a long time,my WhatsApp is the only place we have each other which was the reason I showed and expressed my hurt on WhatsApp so he could see it, the violence is on both side which is the reason we need therapy and now undergoing because there is no justification to DV.

I just want to say a sincere sorry to RAZAK Omotoyossi for all I have made you pass through in this trying times of your career. You have been a wonderful husband and a proud father,is just sad we both can't manage our anger, To my sisters,brother mummy and entire Omotoyossi family I am deeply sorry, oh my God to my beautiful kids, I am sorry for all you have passed through this past days (their pictures is been used because I don't hav any picture on this phone, they own it).

To be an actor is really not easy, I tend to forget my status in the society especially when I'm upset. I don't know how to disable comments on this phone, would have done that, I hav read so much and heard so much after this ugly incident. @omogoal8 I am sorry and hope we both agree on the best for us soon.

**If you have issues in your marriage, be sincere with yourselves and seek help - both counselling and prayer. That's the Only Option you can justify before the Lord. Be guided!

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