AYNAIJANG CHRONICLE: Don’t get too comfortable in thinking you’re not going to lose her

Be a good man to your girl, because there are other men out there
who are waiting for you to fail, for you and her to have a fight bad enough for her to leave you, for you and her to have an argument dramatic enough for her to not want to be with you anymore, for you to make a mistake that’ll be heartbreaking enough for her to be done with you. There are other guys out there who are hoping that the two of you don’t last, who are hoping that they’ll be ones your girl runs to for comfort when y’all are having problems, who are wishing to be in the right place and the right time when she’s feeling vulnerable, who are praying for her to get bored with you so that they can show her how better than you they are. There are some of your own “bros” that would tell you they’re happy for you, that would listen to you when you tell them how much you care about her, that would be there for you when you’re stressed out about her, and these are the same bros who would be the first to try to bring her home if you and her ever broke up. If you aren’t a good man to your girl, best believe there are other boys out there who never stopped waiting for their own chance to make her happy. Don’t get too comfortable in thinking you’re not going to lose her, don’t get too complacent in believing you can stop fighting for her, and don’t get too lazy in keeping up with your efforts to show her that you deserve her, because every other dude out there does not mind loving her the way she’s supposed to be loved if you’re not capable of it.

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