AYNAIJANG CHRONICLE: "Men, be careful of physical look and appearance"

Beautiful bride
May we have marriages and relationships without shedding tears.
If one continue to listen
to stories upon stories, you might not likely get married. But no matter what, your destined bride or husband shall come your way.
To the Men
Men, be careful of physical look and appearance. Some are artificial, some are fake, some are natural and some other are genuine.
That is why you need God to choose and select for you. You seeking for a relationship or hand in marriage just because she looks so beautiful in the eyes and yet the heart is terribly bad and wicked, won't that be foolishness?
Don't marry beauty, marry genuineness, marry true love. Beauty vanish away so soon, but true love and not pretence last till eternity.
There are women out there that are ready to ruin, to destroy and once you fall because of beauty, you're doom. Beware.
I'm not saying marrying a beautiful bride is bad, I'm saying that that shouldn't be your parameters and priority in the choice of a life partner.
To the Ladies
Cmon! Be natural, show your real self. If you think you want to go artificial just because you want to woo his heart, that's the beginning of failure.
God has created you beautifully and wonderfully. Stay natural. He's gonna love you just the way you are.
Don't deceive him by all these fake look, artificial smile and stuff like that. Be your real self and not a mistaken identity.
After the artificials and you finally got locked to him, when he now discovered your true colour and attitude, that's the beginning of divorce and hatred.
See, there are many men out there that love the naturality of women. And so don't say staying natural won't make you get a husband. You totally wrong.
You are different. With patience, perseverance and faith in God, you shall get that right partner God has destined for you.

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